Girlfriend is behaving like she never knew me..

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by oooo, Feb 27, 2017.

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    Such a lie. Smack your own face for saying such bullshit!
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    Sounds like crazy girl to me. You have to be, especially in Netherlands, careful with these girls. I think she says the truth when she says she is ashamed. Of course, she knew breaking up over whatsapp is a bad thing.

    I know it sounds hard but the girl isn't worth you, try to get over her as fast as possible.
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  3. oooo

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    Thanks brothers, i know i should forget this little ......
    I don't think it is because i am unactractive, in fact i think i am attractive since i do have alot of beautifull girls checking me out and also daily tinder matches with beautifull girls.
    The downside is i am socially akward because alot of shit happend to me when i was young which fried my brains. And resulted in not trusting people.
    I try to forget this girl and move on, last week some facebook message popped up, it was here birthday i feeled very depressed for some moment but than i thought that i would be a nice oppertunity to delete her as FB friend and unfollowed on instagram.
    The day after her birthday i did see her again in the gym and she was immidiatly checking me out, don't know why she is doing this. I am not sure but i think she may regret her decession. But anyway i don't want her anymore, oh yeah her best girlfriend is also a weirdo, when she walks accros me she is every time making very strong eye contact and she is every time training in exactly the same spot as me.
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  4. Gucci Gang

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    K, keep coping.

    Its the truth,

    The only other thing that matter is your height, muscles, and Dick Size
  5. Gucci Gang

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    Its called being with someone you are not that attracted to for the fuck of it

    The getting bored

    Happens all the time
  6. Potato93

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    Sometimes I end up laughing pretty hard over your comments. I don't know if you're actually just trolling or there really is someone that stupid. Your coments and likes ratio shown below your profile name makes me believe youre just stupid though.

    If you had a lack of mother presence in your childhood or a girl was that plain arrogant with you in the past, I understand your need to vent this frustrations here, but dont bring your superfluous shit alongside.

    You're actually wrong by the way, the only thing that matters are potatos. If you dont get them, you're not getting any pussy anytime soon, mr green eyes.
  7. Lmao, Dutch women. What do you expect? No but seriously, how old are you? Have you never heard of female sociopaths before? Why are you reasoning with sociopathy, it's not possible.

    She say's she loves you one month in...wacko sirens are going off right now. The moment ''she broke up'' she is dead to you.

    Whenever you feel like there is something off, or your sixth senses are working, you drop her immediately.

    I have had one ''distance relationship'' like 10 years ago, when I was a pup, and this sociopath would seek fights, drama, the one year we spoke we 'fought' 4 times. 4 'break ups'. That is when I was introduced to female sociopathy, guys tend to forget that for whatever reason, they live on cloud 9 when it comes to women (or guys) and are bound to get burned.

    If she rubs you the wrong way, bad mouths you, has an attitude, it's dead. Dead it right away and save yourself the trouble thinking she will ''turn around'' or will ''change'' in the future.

    Go to the gym, drink your protein, and onto the next broad.
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  8. If you are into the whole party lifestyle why don't go to a festival, plan things ahead, get some pills ready if you are into it, work on your body, become more feminine, just man slut a little bit. You are beautiful, you have to see that, sensitive, muscles, good looking, a broad has to be worth your time tagging along.
    You think your dick will fall off if you don't use it? Come on bruh, this is NoFap. If a girl is really into you, you will know it, and she will ask you to smell her panties and want to be with you.
  9. Kristian

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    Sorry to hear about your experience, bud. My girlfriend barely speaks to me anymore and I feel like my relationship is falling apart as well. We've had our ups and downs, but I thought that we are back on track. Apparently, we are not. I told her I loved her a couple of weeks ago and she didn't said it back - I didn't do it because I wanted to test her, but I am thinking she may not feel the same way and that is alright, but I wish we could wear a mature conversation and just end it, if that's what she wants.

    Ignorance hurts a lot.
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  10. JustinX

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    Tell her exactly what you wrote here. Word by word.
  11. Hmm, let me inject some female perspective here (albeit the female perspective of a recovering PMO-addict) - that said, I still have some perspective.

    Common f*cking immature things women do after break up:
    -get their hair cut
    -lose weight
    -buy new clothes to look sexy
    -hook up with a total douche bag for casual sex, of course in the hope that the ex- will certainly find out and be jealous
    -perhaps even try to f*ck your friends, again to make you jealous
    -try really hard to make you feel like you lost out on "the one"
    -become a total ice queen to you, but trust me, she's lighting the candles in her bathroom in the bath feeling sorry for herself

    Common f*cking immature things women do during an unhappy relationship:
    -have crazy expectations about men reading their minds and showing that they are making huge sacrifices for them
    -try to make you jealous by flirting with other men, this can be via texting, going for drinks after work with "friends", coming home late, etc...
    -overeating, doing less exercise, wearing dumpy underwear, not shaving, generally stopping caring so much about what they look like when they are around you, but when the go out they make a huge effort.
    -having lots of "girls nights out", when really, she's working her money maker and playing the field with you tucked up at home... trust me, women do this as well

    I wonder if any of you have experienced any or all of these things.
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  12. Potato93

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    I did... in a lighty way though...
  13. Happy Man

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    I meet a girl in Central London. She lives in Leicester. We went on 4 dates and we had sex. I went all the way to Leicester to see her during our dates.

    After sex, she told me she wanted to be the best of friends and see me in mid May. I thought it was joke and then realized she was serious. I was a bit needy and knew she didn't love me. Messaged her on whatsapp back and forth for about month and a half and she stop responding to me.

    Lucky I was meeting other women anyway. Once every 3 months does not appeal to me. Obviously if you find someone who loves and cares for you, then you will not do this. She didn't care so I didn't care. I still haven't found a new girl yet but I still going on dates and being social

    I deserve better and you deserve better. Move on, once you get a new girl. You won't feel a thing : )
  14. MarkedProgress

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    I bet it hurts. When you'll be emotionally detached, think about the following thing: That she did you a favor, you don't want to have a relationship with a person who doesn't communicate and who is influenced by others (instead of talking with you). You want a mature person in your life, she sure didn't act mature.
  15. Dajic

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    For a female yourself, you speak quite generalising and demeaning about women. I'm not sure if that's your intention, but it comes across like that to me as a reader.

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