Girlfriend made fun of penis size - Can't get over it

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Focused, Dec 24, 2017.

  1. DUDE are you even reading the stuff you’re saying here?? Why the fuck would you still want to be with someone who has made your self confidence the worst it’s ever been?! Are you that obsessed with the lust of your relationship that you don’t give a shit about your self worth? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you enjoy being treated like a piece of shit.
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    I would point out that this is quite possibly the worst place on the internet short of, say, Jezebel or Vanity Fair to take rel'n advice from, but I'm pretty sure OP already knows that. :D
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    Dude, 7 inches is definitely ABOVE average. Average is like 4.5-5.5 your good trust me, shes probably just a rude ass girl, or she just prefers the 9 inch gorilla dicks. Either way, id leave. Hella females out there would appreciate a 7 incher.
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    I actually have to admit I take the same attitude towards my gfs, too.
    No matter how many times my friends tell me I'm lucky to have her, I actually think it's the other way around. I don't say it to her face obv, but...

    Of course I'm a guy, and girls want to date up the ladder, so that's a healthy thing for me to think, (I guess). Last thing I want is to think of my girl as better than me. How the hell can I keep a girl attracted to me if I'm thinking "I'm not worthy"?
    But those are just generalities. Of course there must be gals that want to think of themselves the same way.

    Perhaps she was just using a "no damnit, I'm his equal and then some" kind of mental frame too, but being a little too insecure to maintain the frame? (not like me, I'm manly about it. yeah... manly. that's what I'll tell myself. :p)

    She's not a "build myself up by tearing others down" type of gal, by any chance? Talk a lot of smack about her friends to you behind their back? If so, it's entirely possible your dick has nothing to do with it.
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  5. So: More red flags than the Beijing olympics.

    She IS one of those "black-out aggressive types"! There is a high probability that she is an alcoholic. People who drink normally don't get blackouts. It sounds like you've seen her this way more than once. HUGE RED FLAG! (BTW I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've seen the signs plenty of times in myself and others.) Her drinking is a very big issue.

    Also there is her high N (if she admits to 23, it's way higher: did you know that some girls don't count it, if it was "just" anal, or "just" a blowjob?). You will never get an accurate N from a high N woman. But you will get lots of other stuff from her.

    There is also her her nasty attitude (because the first time she spoke disparagingly of your "average" dick, I gather that she wasn't drunk).

    And finally there is her apparent dissatisfaction with 7" when the average is 5 - 5.5!

    DTB! She is bad for you!
  6. And then go use that penis on somebody who will appreciate it.
  7. BLACKOUT drunk. If you stay, you are in for a wild ride - and not in a good way.
  8. Yeah, not exactly your best relationship, after all.
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    God damn... that's a great line. I may have to steal it. :D

    I agree with your assessment, but not (necessarily) the prescription.
    For example, now that you're a former alcoholic rather than current, would you warn women off of dating you?

    I say as long as she's not drinking anymore, probation is fine. Don't be afraid to cut and run if she relapses, though.
  10. If she doesn't understand that she's an alcoholic, she will drink again. And she will get worse, brcause alcoholism, like other addictions, is progressive. Of course, I can't actually say that she is alcoholic - not every heavy drinker is. But the blackouts are an ominous sign.

    I wouldn't warn women off of dating me due to my alcoholism - there are so many other reasons! (I've been sober 25 years or so.)

    Also, a small point: in AA, we don't call ourselves "former" alcoholics - we know that if we take a drink, even after decades, we are off to the races.
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    It depends.
    Many cultures in europe had centuries long stretch where the excrement (and corpses) of they and their pack animals polluted all their drinking water sources to the point that they were drinking alcohol day and night in order not to get sick... but that didn't happen in the Americas because there largely wasn't the population density and certainly no pack animals.

    If her ancestry is mostly folks that didn't live in big cities, she won't have inherited the tolerance for booze that someone whose ancestors centered around, say, London would have.


    I am aware of that, I'm just not a fan of the practice. You had to suffer the consequences for your addiction when it was active, I think you should get credit for developing the willpower to lay it dormant. Either way, well done sir!
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    I know this is off-topic, but on behalf of all us Europeans, can I just say: uh, what now?! Can I assume you're joking? (Please tell me you're joking...)
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    There are plenty of cultures that don't have much tolerance for alcohol en masse. Lived in Latin America for almost a decade, and grew up in Canada next to a native reserve. They had no experience with alcohol before the Euros arrival. And to this day, blackout drunk is pretty standard. It's such an issue that the local translation of the Evangelical Bible of the Mayan culture I lived in has Jesus taking a strong stance against booze, and the whole "water into wine" scene? Never heard of it.

    When a culture is essentially drinking all day every day, you inevitably build up a genetic tolerance because you're sexually selecting against the people that can't handle it. No gal wants to fuck the guy that can't walk straight and is covered in vomit and piss stains. Tons of cultures never had that... they didn't have the disease burden that dictated alcohol be a necessity of life.

    Of course if you don't believe in evolution, (I don't mean you specifically, but this seems to be a very religious place, so playing the odds) all of this is going to sound like horseshit, so I'll stop typing there.
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  14. The idea that it was merely will-power can be fatal. A recovering alcoholic must retain eternal humility regarding his relationship with alcohol.

    12 Step programs instill this, among other things. This is the essence of the admission of powerlessness in the first step.
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    From what i have read she doesnt respect you at all.

    Dump her. I am sure you deserve better
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    My dick is 5-inch hard. I also had terrible anxiety over it when I was younger. It started at school when we had to get vaccinated by shots in the ass. All boys in the class got lined up in the room and one by one had to come to a nurse, turn face towards everyone, pull down pants and get the shot. Almost everyone managed to do it without exposing their genitals, but because I was very clumsy, my pants slipped and everyone saw my dick or I'd rather say the absence of it. The thing is when it is cold it shrinks to about an inch size. Everyone laughed... I felt terribly embarrassed. It was in Grade 7 and some of our boys, my good friends actually, started to get together with girls from our class, going to movies together and what not. They worked really hard on entertaining their new girlfriends. One day we went out on a trolley bus together. Me and two of my friends. They started talking about their time they spent with girls and what they laughed and talked about and then one of them said "Let's tell them next time about his dick... ", and they laughed hysterically at the prospect of such a good times.

    At university I had a best friend. I always was shy around the girls and I couldn't get a girlfriend because of all my issues, but he never had problems with it. We were constantly playing guitars and singing songs at the student dorm. I played better, but he sung better so we were a pretty good duo. But at the end of performance he'd always go out with a girl, and I'd stay alone. Sure I was envious of him. He was my role model for years. Tall, handsome, with really beautiful voice. The type that makes girls weak in their knees.

    I left to live in another country, he stayed, so our contact became very sporadic. But couple of years back we got reconnected again, discussing our mid-age crisis. I got myself into an online relationship, he had someone too, so we found a new ground to reconnect and became really close again. So during one of the calls we just been laughing and started talking dick sizes. And I confessed to him that I only had 5 inches hard, implying that it was easy for him to get girls, but since I have this problem etc... He said, "what are you talking about? I have exactly the same size..." I was stunned. I always imagined him being a sex giant, but he wasn't. His open easy-going personality and his bright smile that's what made him so attractive to girls. And none of the girls he's been with complained. When he had to break up, it's been always a huge drama.

    I'm married, and my wife tells me same thing: size doesn't matter. We have a couple who we are friends with and once we got drunk we also started talking about penis sizes. So our friend's wife said same thing: size doesn't matter to her, but foreplay is what she treasures the most.

    I wish I knew it when I was going through my puberty. I have developed a huge complex over nothing. Now I know that size really doesn't matter. What does matter is PMO and lack of confidence and commitment in bed due to it and this is what I'll be fighting against and not growing the size of my dick.
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    Think about them poor souls that are born with micro-penises

    May that give you some perspective.

    Also if your girlfriend genuinely intended to be malicious with her comments shes a terrible person and you should dump her. I'd also tell her that it isn't your penis that is the problem, it is her huge gaping chasm of a vagina.
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    Ok, gay dude here, but I guess that has nothing to do with anything.
    I would rather have a partner with 5 inches than 7 inches.
    7 inches is BIG.
    And your GF is abusive, I am sorry.
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    dump her

    end of discussion

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