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  1. So basically I've noticed that recent PMO'ing will cause you to loose interest and motivation to talk to women and just interact. I just got back from getting a haircut, and I was just walking through town. As I was walking I saw this group of girls, ALL of them were GREAT looking. I noticed that they all were very attractive, but I wasn't particularly interested. As I got closer I averted my eyes but I could tell the group of girls all turned their heads toward me as I passed. I could here one of them call out "Daaamn" and a few of them started calling out "Hey!" At first I wasn't sure if they were talking to me but I figured out they were as I looked back. I just pretended like I didn't hear them or something. I'm not far into a streak right now, I actually relapsed a few days ago. I can recall when I made it past 60 days I would clearly react to a girl's advances towards me or I'd make advances towards a girl with confidence and respect. Even after a month I saw changes, even when girls randomly call me over or something. The big difference now is I almost feel numb or I feel a delay that makes me wish I had talked to them or was more interested at the time. Right now I still don't feel interested still. Those girls looked like the would be great to watch on some stupid website, but there they were in front of me and asking for my attention. Its so weird that I would be excited and have no problem watching those girls on a 2d screen, but in person its like I'm barely interested. This is definitely motivation for me to get back into a NoFap lifestyle and get a good continuous streak going. Moral of the story: Don't feed your desire for whats on a screen over a chance to fulfill your desires with a REAL woman.
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