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Girls Attraction

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mentor23144, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Mentor23144

    Mentor23144 Fapstronaut

    It all happened almost two weeks ago. I was on one seminar(Day 1) and we all gathered around tables and one girl sit right next to me even tho there were empty chairs around the table at the time. After maybe 2 minutes she just started talking to me out of nowhere. We never saw each other before. We just kept talking for 20 mins straight about various topics and I kept conversation chill and cool making jokes and all that stuff. After the presentation was done she looked at me straight in the eyes and said "I will see you" and smiled.

    Day 2 and the last one of the seminar, similar stuff and after it was finished we say bye to each other. Here's the thing I didn't ask for her number or any of that stuff because I told her to come to one other meeting that is happening this week on Friday and she said she will come and I plan to ask her for a drink after that meeting is done.

    I didn't want to appear thirsty or someone who chase her that early just after two days of a seminar. Its not my thing. This way if she is really interested in me she will appear on this meeting and will accept my invite for a drink. But to summarize everything its funny how out of all guys on that seminar she started talking to me and only me. It could be NoFap because I showed confidence in our talk I was not surprised that she started talking to me out of blue. One thing I have to work on is more eye contact, but I will fix it on Friday that's for sure.

    There were couple more situations with girls but this one is most interesting to me.

    I am on NoFap since Feb 3rd hardcore mode. Cheers.
  2. That's awesome mate. Hope something comes out of this.
  3. p1n1983

    p1n1983 Fapstronaut

    It´s easy to know that she was interested in you. She sitted next to you and engaged you in conversation. It´s your job as a confient man to ask for her phone or ask her out rigth in the spot. She may think that you are not interested in her because you didn´t ask her out or even worst think that you don´t have the balls to do it.
    I hope she show up in the metting, if not at least you will learn a valuable lesson for next time.
  4. stayawayporns

    stayawayporns Fapstronaut

    Excellent man! Good luck
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  5. rob13_

    rob13_ Fapstronaut

    Great man, good on ya!
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  6. Coco99

    Coco99 Fapstronaut

    Thats amazing man. best of luck. Do update us on how it all went!
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  7. Imwithyoum8

    Imwithyoum8 Fapstronaut

    Update us bruh :D
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  8. Uncomfortably Numb

    Uncomfortably Numb Fapstronaut

    Interesting story... this is obviously the 'superpower' that attracts most to NoFap and one which I have experienced on past streaks.

    However, on this streak not so much... but it doesn't bother me as I feel like a real, honest man everyday I abstain and that, for me, is a greater benefit.
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  9. What is it about? It's always after 2 weeks to 60 days, when girl attraction thing appear.
    Or that feeling that you are attractive.
    Are you guys are feeling the same?

    I thought it is just super focus on myself and placebo effect. Like you know, only I feel like that. When I discovered that other guys have experienced the same thing, I was puzzled. It's strange, it can't be that all the guys are experiencing the same placebo effect. Or it could be?
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  10. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Awesome mate! Good luck! Keep us updated :D
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  11. Mentor23144

    Mentor23144 Fapstronaut


    This is a situation guys, she didn't appear last night but I added her on FB right away and she said that she had a really though day and she forgot about the event. Since we are both busy and not online all the time texting is going with a bit slower tempo, but its going in the right direction. I will soon ask her for drinks.

    Ty everyone for support and all the best.. :D
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    THE REAL ONE New Fapstronaut

    superb dude i am a new fapstronaut thanks for u r post
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  13. Neurostudent

    Neurostudent Fapstronaut

    I hope things go well, but this was creepy man. It was a last resort effort and it may actually work out well, but this was creepy. Finding her social media is never a good idea because you show her how invested you are in getting her, which comes across as desperate. I've definitely had it work in the past, but I can tell you it is not the best strategy. In the long-term you'll find that doing this causes more problems than it solves.

    My advice is to ask her out immediately. Don't have conversations over text. That is a waste of time because she will only make her decision about you once she meets you in person, and you are your best self in person (if you're not then that's a problem you need to fix as soon as possible). In addition, because you didn't lead the interaction on the first meeting by asking for her number, she may think you'll expect her to do all the work and not be able to take responsibility for the relationship. That's not sexy, women want a guy who can lead them because that means he is a guy who can lead in general.

    Just text, "hey I want to get a drink at this really cool place I saw, I'd enjoy your company." If she responds yes, awesome. If she responds no, just say, "no worries." Nothing else. You need to be very dry with your texts. Guys tend to give far too much of themselves through text. You want to be mysterious, there should be something to discover. Why would she go on a date with you if there is nothing interesting to find out? Every text you make should be directly leading to a meetup. Anything extra is useless. Get rid of it.

    Either way this is a very minor hiccup, don't sweat it. Just take action, get her in person.
  14. takingthejourney

    takingthejourney Fapstronaut

    You should of got number next time dont make this mistake
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  15. Mentor23144

    Mentor23144 Fapstronaut

    @THE REAL ONE I am really happy to hear that man. Just stay focused and you will experience NoFap benefits in no time.

    @Neurostudent I would've liked your comment 10 times if I could bro. I fully agree with everything you said it just happened in this situation that I had to add her on social media(FB) to ask her were was she on Friday. There was a 2 week span between these events that's why I waited for Friday to ask her in person. I am not a fan of "meeting" girls on social media not my thing nor do I use them actively. I will definitely ask her as soon as possible.

    @takingthejourney I will take it.

    @LordQuas Sometimes what you wrote in your last sentence I think as well. I am 0 dependent on them.
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