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  1. I am a fairly good looking guy. And girls stare at me a lot. I don't know whether its because of nofap or what but I get annoyed when people stare at me continuously.

    Like how the hell am I suppose to understand the vicious principles of Thermodynamics when a hottie from the first row turns back every 4 minutes to check me out! (I sit on the last bench so I'm sure she checks *me* out, lol).

    Anyways, this can sometimes trigger me even though I'm 100+ days porn free.
    And being a muslim I have to lower my gaze and not stare or flirt back.

    How do I deal with this?
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  2. Millenial

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    If they are checking you out maybe you need to work out a way to strike up a conversation.
    Even if you just chat to them briefly it'll feel less awkward next time you see each other.
    Also if someone is really staring at you... you could also try waving and saying 'hello!' in a friendly way.
  3. tweeby

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    Haha I have this problem sometimes.

    I remember I went to starbucks with my laptop the other day to do some work and deliberately picked the most secluded spot with my back to everyone and some hottie decided to sit next to me saying, 'excuse me do you mind if I sit here?'

    I was like, 'nah go for it' then put my headphones on LOL. She looked disappointed.

    Then when I used to catch the bus to work this cutie pie would always glance over her shoulders to check me out, so I decided to ask her out and went on a few dates with her. That was too good an opportunity to miss out on.

    But in terms of advice, I'd say just wear something kinda crappy, just keep to yourself and do a proper reboot.

    Good luck bro!
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  4. Bruh I just wanna feel less awkward. I don't want people to hate me. XD
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  5. tweeby

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    LOL the only other thing I can think of is going up to her and declaring your undying love and acting really creepy. But sometimes that doesn't even work. I remember I went on this date with a girl and she wanted to drive me back to my place, I was like, 'Hell no then you will know where I live! I'll walk.'

    She had the crazy stalker vibe.
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    As a muslim myself, first of all congrats cuz someone is checking you out. If you are not interested to get physical, atleast approach her and engage in a conversation and know her intentions then control the situation however you want it. Ignoring her while she tries to check you out will become more awkward and she might think you are a weirdo or some shit.. gossip shit about you with her bffs and what not. So before it gets weird, approach and take the control of the situation
    After all you live in the second most horniest country in the world. The great kama sutra and sunny leone and god damn shit gets hot
  7. I’m a Muslim and you shouldn’t lower your gaze and all this shit you hear from sheiks it’s completely normal to want to check out girls human instinct and as a Muslim you’ll hear a lot of bullshit there are a lot of flaws in our religion you are told not to look a women cause it’s haram?? And you’ll burn in hell in all honesty to me Islam is a hoax and I’m a Muslim all I can say is religion is gonna make you feel like shit cause it controls you by guilt I think I went a bit overboard but whatever that’s my opinion
  8. Perfect_Stranger

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    Inverse of your problem= my problem.
  9. Entering a room with RBF and people will probably stop staring at you.
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  10. GigglingTrout

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    This may be the first time I've heard a guy complain about attractive women checking him out...
  11. You should visit the physics department of your nearest university lol.
    Its a real pain in the ass to focus when all your primitive brain wants is to spread your genes and evolve!
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  12. Enroll yourself in a 90 day NoStare challenge. You got this.
  13. 100+ days porn free! What a great effort man! You are well on the way to making this a lifelong lifestyle! :)

    Sadly, I haven't got any advice for your predicament as no one has given me a second look in all my days, hahaha! :D
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  14. Lol that happens to me sometimes when I'm out writing. Generally I don't mind, because it's flattering, but it can be annoying when I'm on a roll and don't feel like chatting with someone.

    OP, if you're completely uninterested in flirting or meeting a potential mate or something, maybe wear a ring? That can dissuade people. Otherwise, just try to ignore it I guess. It's not exactly a horrible problem to have in life. Lol I'm sure you'll make it through just fine.
  15. I'm sure you'll find an attractive owl someday!
    Thank you btw for your support. I couldn't have done it without you.
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  16. Saskia Simone

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    Sit at the front and concentrate on the lesson. You won’t notice any staring then:)
  17. noonoon

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  18. I have a ring and people still check me out all the time lol. But while it is a nice compliment I have gotten used to subconsciously ignoring it, because unless you really want to there's no reason you have to talk or chat up anyone really.
  19. Lmfao! God I love this show.... My diamond shoes are too tight!!! XD
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  20. We're not that horny. We're just extra daring that's why we rarely use protection. XD

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