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  1. I gotta say, I probably stare at people all the time without knowing it. I'm pretty much constantly lost in my imagination, and sometimes I might be staring at someone and not realize it.

    Lol this whole conversation reminds me of this time I was staring at my best friends cousin at church, because he was playing drums on the worship team and he's really good and I was watching how he played. And then after a few minutes my bestie was like "uh... do you like him or something?" Lol I was like "no, I like drums." So you never know. There are plenty of reasons someone might stare at you and they might not even realize they're doing it.
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    Why the fuck does Kristen Stewart return as the top image result when googling 'RBF' that's just wrong.
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    What do you consider obvious? Some people think a smile and an extra half second of eye contact is enough others need the other person to say I think you're attractive let's go on a date.
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  4. Well, I don't date people I don't know. So when I picture being interested in someone and trying to make it obvious to them, I'm picturing a friend who I talk to a lot and flirt with a lot. Idk how to describe in words exactly what I do to make a guy know I'm interested.
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    If u want to increase your chances with women you need to figure out your “type”. Different types of ladies go for different types of men. Are you of athletic build and handsome (lucky bastard)? In that case the world is your oyster. Nearly all types will at least consider you. But maybe you have some weight or are a bit too lean or something? The alternative/hippie girls might be your thing. When I was younger I knew the girls who were “good to go” and the best way to approach them was merely by being pervy - long looks at their bodies, etc. This would never work for a classy girl (a girl you want to keep/marry).

    it comes down to this: know your audience.

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