Girls want Money over than Love, isn't?

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    After few weeks, I realised one thing, is that about girls. I'm male, I just tell you about girls as only i know about them. Simply, 70% of females want money over than Love, I mean Real love. Remaining of 30%, Want Real, These females really want True love who become a mother of a child, orphan females, Life achievement females such as Sports and not a actor or business and also Those females who want truly lovable Life partner not as a Boyfriend(very rare case), Right?.

    My mom told, If you want girl as a wife then you placed job and work and build your own house and Save money for her and your children's education, etc and buy ornaments for her to impress her.
    I replied to my mom, The better choice is to do not married, I will live my life as a bachelor as well as a long till my dead. My mom was just smiled and said "Okey".
    I can place a job and work as well as build a own house but this is for only my parents not for her, ?Because, If i married a girl while i has assets, After few months, I would sell my assets for some reason then what she do?, I know she leave the house and find a another boy who has a huge assets or has a secret physical relationship for money yet not parents like that even My mom.

    What you think about this?

  2. I am too busy living my life so I have no time to judge and bother about the stats of how much percentage of the human population is interested in a shallow lifestyle!
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    I mean, of course. Why shouldn't they? It's good that they pick men who can give them both love and money. Gives men with less one more reason to work on themselves. It's a modern example of natural selection and I believe it is completely fair, given the state of the world. Instead of ranting about it to other men who will help solidify the injustice you feel, get out there and become somebody.
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    Hell, I’d take money over love at this point. I’d like to retire some day.
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    Perhaps you're looking in the wrong places. I highly doubt a relationship based on $$$ will last.
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    I think girls do look for money when they are meeting a guy.

    but eventually it can develop into true love.
  7. I think your stats are BS and completely made up. How could you possibly know these percentages? You can't, and you don't. They're made up assumptions.

    Fact is, there are women who want money, there are women who want love. Just as there are men who want love and men who want money, or beauty, or status, or sex. Shallow people exist. If you don't want to be with a shallow person, don't. It's that simple.
  8. Yet another. Goddamned thread. About generalizing a group of people. That aren't that damned hard to understand nor is it hard to learn how. For crying out loud.
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    Yes and no, as in there is women who put money over everything else as and there is women who doesn't.

    That's like saying all men are serial killers because Ed Gein and John Wayne Gacy or however it is written were men.
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    Here is the truth, a women gets horny and sexually turned on by a man with $. Its biological and unconscious. They dont do it on purpose. The survival instinct wants an Alpha male who is a winner, and has his shit together, and can provide for her and kids. They physically get horny for winners, not loosers, and a winner has $. Its not a bad thing to be horny for the best person around who can provide for them. Its survival instinct from cave man days. Besides, back then, the Alpha male would just take the best women from wimpy guys.. So dont be a looser, be a winner.. And women will be horney for you without knowing your bank account.. They will just feel your masculine power and be drown to it.. But in truth there are lots of 5 & 6s who will settle for any guys who talk to them.. So if you can't get the 9-10s just settle for the 7s.. They are much easier.. Lol
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  11. I'm a woman, and I can say with complete honesty that I have never, in my life, been "turned on" by a man because he has money. In fact, every time I've been attracted to a guy, i have had zero clue what his financial situation is, and I'm pretty certain every guy I've ever dated did not have very much money at all.

    And no, I'm not "offended" by your statement. I just think it's stupid and untrue. If that's a biological thing, then there must be something wrong with my biology, and my sisters, and my mothers, because none of us married or dated men who had a lot of money. We married men who were good and kind and loving and funny, whom we loved and wanted to be with.
  12. Attraction and love are very complex things and to say that 70% of the female population cares about money more than love is just a gross misunderstanding of statistics and human psychology. If you're frustrated with women for some reason, we can talk about that instead. I understand that a lot of people have difficulty with dating and relationships. Luckily, this is a pretty good place to talk about those things.
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    My Journal
    not all woman are like that you just gotta be more open minded cause i see around me homeless couples i see guys that have no job an live with theyre mom still get beautiful girlfriends , im head of my department in my work i dated this one female but she dated another guy , he had no job an lived with his mom still she choosed him over me im like ok whatever , the world is funny place it runs under no rule or law well law of physics maybe
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    Do you even english bro?
  16. Yeah, lol.
  17. You should always capitalize the first letter of the name of a language bro!
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    I meant it as a light-hearted joke. Sorry if it didn't come across as such.

    I'm pretty sure that wasn't the only grammar error in my message, but admittedly the only unintentional one.
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    Complete and utter nonsense. Also quite old fashioned, girls can takes jobs these days and earn their own money. But even before that time I do not believe it was true.
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  20. No woman who's expressed interest in me did so because of money, that's for sure. I'd love to harvest a money tree.

    Fork- My own sister had a long relationship with a guy and made more money than him.. even lending him support when he was looking for a new career path. His confidence was telling and I can see why she liked him. I've seen this time and time again. It's very easy to get a materialistic impression if you're only looking through the lens of 'instagram models' or wealthy men bragging as they take selfies with hedonistic women clinging onto their arms; these are not the people you want to aspire to be like in a world where authenticity is lacking; birds of a feather flock together.

    Just be yourself and focus on personal development instead of tormenting your mind with hyperbolic hypothesis - there's so many men and women out there; someone for everyone. And no, most guys are not getting laid left right and centre with different partners every weekend. Same goes for women.
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