Give me a reason not to fap

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by dotpure, Sep 20, 2020.

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    Why shouldn't I fap? I have so many reasons to actually do it.
    When I was in highschool I met this girl and we started to hang out. We met each other better and I can't brag about my sexual encounters here but she actually damaged my penis. I can't feel properly since then, I do not feel temperature by it, I can't say if it's hard while I am in a person. Is that a reason not to fap?
    We were together for 2 years and then she left me. She was older so she moved to the other city to collage. I started to be more needy. I was so afraid that if she leave me I am not going to get any person to love me because I have small penis (around 11-12 cm) and it isn't working well. And it is not fat. And I don't feel a thing by it. Is that a reason not to fap?
    I was to 2 neurologists and the first one prescribed me some tabs. I took them as he told me to and now I lost a bit a sense of temperature and pain from my whole body. That's weird, I can't describe it. The other neurologist told me that those tabs were waaaay to strong for my age and she wouldn't prescribe me those, only old people take them. Jeez, is that a reason not to fap?
    Since we broke up (to be honest she broke up with me, that was rough) I had like 3 chances to have sex with girls, but I was too afraid to. I always gave some silly excuse. Whenever I think sex I am so stressed out. Everytime I didn't get erected and she was mad at me beacuse of it. She didn't even want to give me her oral just beacuse. I really think she always pretended that I did her good. Is that a reason not to fap?
    I was going to some kind of psychologists, psychiatrists, sexuologists. It turned out I have some minor hormonal problems, so my testosterone can be low. Short man with small dick and low testosterone. Is that a joke? Is that a reason not to fap?
    It turned out I have great predisposition to narcissism. And now I am aware of that. I do not go now to psychologists and all the things. Never actually listend to advice. My life is a joke. Is that a reason not to fap?

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  2. .-. go see a doctor
    This is like asking if you should climb with a broken arm? ASK YOUR DOCTOR!
    Trust me.... your size has almost nothing to do with it. If you would be average then you could still say the same. If you would be above
    you could still come up with some other reasons. It's not about your damn size. We ain't 15 years old anymore. You are
    born like this. It's like leaving a woman for not having big breasts. .-. STUPID AF
    Hey, it's alright. But as long as you try to deal with your thoughts and actions and try to become better, it's alright ;)
    That's not very nice of her. Instead of being compassionate she was just blaming you for something you have little to
    no control about at that moment.
    Well ... if she blames you for your hurt part and gets mad she doesnt even deserve that satisfaction.
    I would recommend it to you.
    You got the reason and the consequence in one line. If you don't get it then you are blind.

    No and now shut up and start taking care of your problems instead of this self-pity bullshit
  3. theMotivator

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    You have to choose better life goals, than just sexual life. If you get free you'll get better, and choose better life goals, such as creating a family with good moral values and children. It's totally different. You stop living for your desires and start living for others.
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    Well assuming you didn't accidentally click a link and accidentally fill out the form to sign up on here, you're here for a reason, so that is already a reason to not masturbate. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot of medical issues related to your sexual health, whether that's because you're psyching yourself out or you legitimately have issues there idk, I'm not a doctor. When its all said and done though, external reasons will only convince you to not masturbate to a certain extent, it won't carry you through the whole journey of beating the addiction(if you're addicted). I mean if you look up nofap benefits or "how nofap changed my life" or something like that on youtube, you'll find literally hours of content of people praising reasons to not masturbate. And yet many of us still reset. The only sustainable way long term to rewire any bad habit is to have a reason you actually believe in. If you are not genuinely committed to yourself to stop this, then do what you have to do to get to that point. Read more stories here on the forum, watch youtube videos discussing nofap, etc. Keep in mind committed doesn't mean you'll never relapse or slip up, it just means any thoughts of "is this really worth it, are there any actual good reasons to do this" don't bother you anymore. Its just bullshit your mind makes to bring you back into whats familiar and comfortable.
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  5. JoeinMD

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    You yourself need to realize a reason not to fap. If you only have every reason to fap, go do so and live your life from there.
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  6. Kevodrag

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    Ayo my bro, from your account, I figured you’re 20 years old. Basically this is the beginning of the prime of your life. Gotta spend it positively and wisely.

    Talking about having no reason to stop fap, I assume you know PMO is harmful for you. So you’ve just got to find that inner reason, that fire to make you stop. the ball is in your court, slam dunk it!
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  7. Freebliss

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    Everything you said sounds like a good reason not to fap.
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  8. Your reasons to do something or not do something are largely internal. One notable exception would be if it affects someone you care about. I am not even going to try to convince you not to fap, because it's not my job. It's hard to prove that psychological issues are connected to fapping habits. But if you can identify a reason that fapping is harming you and deem that it's not worth the fun/stress relief because of this harm, then I advise you to go ahead and try quitting.
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    Because if you fap you can devellop sugar cravings.
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  10. Masturbation makes you deaf.
  11. ThePeakWae

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    Really? Thats a new one.
  12. Never heard it before ? You must be deaf
  13. No, don’t think about it. The relapse is not worth it. My penis isn’t nearly as strong and gets skinny when I do it.
  14. ThePeakWae

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    I´ve noticed that too, I can now enjoy one or two fantasies with better self-control and not erect like I would during fapping times.
  15. Queek The HeadTakker

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    Ahahhahahahah good sense of humor
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  16. Queek The HeadTakker

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    Mine is 18 cm and im still virgin , size of the penis means nothing, its just stupid your refering that

    Your with alot of health problems go see a doctor
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  17. <3
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  18. Lau

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    Its better to be clean than comfortable.
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  19. Kingsley90

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    As long as you can't find a reason by yourself, no reason will help.
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  20. Randy Andy

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    If you look at this forum you will see hundreds, probably thousands of this exact. same. thread.
    I love what Kingsley just said. The way I think of it is very similar, I think it is not anyones job but the addict themselves to decide whether or not to use. One definition of an addict is "uses despite negative consequences of using" so if that's true reasins wouldn't stop an addict. It makes sense, I had tons of reasons not to use and I was cognizant of them but if I had at least zero reasons to use pm+ I'd find myself doing that :)

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