Give me movies that make me desire a healthy relationship/life

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by sjaakieplof2014, Feb 11, 2019.

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    Hi y'all,
    This might be kind of weird, but at the moment I feel like I need something to show me what I'm fighting for. I know I'm fighting for myself and my health but I mean that I need something to convince me a healthy relationship is something to long for
    In short: Give me a movie (not too sappy) that gives you the feeling that a relationship/ life is worth it, a movie that feels like a warm hug.

    Ofcourse warn me if there is any sex or stuff, cuz I don't want to relapse here.
    Hope someone gets what I mean.

  2. Kman20

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    Not about relationships but

    The pursuit of Happiness is a great movie about wanting a better life if you haven't seen it already. Even if you have and it's been a long time I'd watch it again for the feeling you're looking for.
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  3. A good year (no real scenes, but a possible triggers)
    Letters to Juliet
    The lake house (a bit sci fi, but a good film)
    Paris can wait
    A long way down (i think we see an ass for a minute if i remember correctly, but thats it)
    Hope floats
    About a boy
    Only you
    Best exotic marigold hotel
    Almost friends
    Before you go (alice eve is a trigger for me without ddoing anything erotic lol, but otherwise i think its clean)
    The holiday (a few scenes that i remember, but nothing too explicit)

    Im not sure they all fit your criteria perfect, but theyre a start. If i didnt put any warings it means i dont remember any triggers, but there may still be some, so proceed with caution.
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  4. Thought of a few more...

    Last chance harvey
  5. Alexander

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    The Notebook is pretty sappy but kind of what you are looking for
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  6. u376

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    the flipped
    my sassy girl
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  7. ReclaimedLife

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  8. I second that, with a few trigger warnings though
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  9. Trappist

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    “Fearless” maybe, with Jeff Bridges.

    Don’t recall if there are triggers.

    Someone today noted that watching the Waltons,
    As a series, was a very apropos thing along those lines...
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  10. letter

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    My Journal
    I humbly suggest Uchuu Kyoudai / Space Brothers. It is an anime series about a man who tries to become an astronaut after being fired for standing up for his brother. Along his way, you watch this man’s emotional journey as he struggles to reach his long forgotten dream, all while reconnecting with his brother & fighting off negative thoughts about himself...

    ...the way it is presented is beautiful. It is like one big long warm hug. 99 episodes long and at the end you just wish it could keep on going forever.

    Pretty much trigger free, not 100%...there are scenes some gay men or straight women may be triggered by, but for heterosexual men it is about as non-sexual as you can get these days.
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  11. sjaakieplof2014

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    Thank you guys a lot! Didn't expect so many to answer!
    Love this community!

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