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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Francymac, Oct 14, 2015.

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    I have been carrying certain emotions and feelings over the past couple of weeks and cravings. This has helped me in a big way to bounce back from a near miss this morning. One thing I have learned is that relapses start days, weeks sometimes months before they finally occur. I thought I just had a shorter fuse and was getting irritable "for no reason" and taking it out on my girlfriend which is unfair. I learned today that I need to be easier on myself and I need to try and communicate a little better with my girlfriend when I'm building up to a relapse. Today I did edge a little whilst watching porn which is a behaviour I have left in the past. It creeps up every now and then but I always deal with it in the way I should. I love myself and I need to give myself the best possible chance. This video helped with the stress in a big way and I actually let out a lot of emotion while watching it.

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    I noticed that too. Its like we set ourselves to fail. Not to discourage any new learners because you can eventually dissolve this. The way to dissolve it I think it what napoleon hill called sexual transmutation. You just stop clinging. Stop desiring it, look for a new vision for a better vision. At the end of the day porn is not what you want and there is nothing sexy about the body alone. It may be beautfiul but nothing sexy. Thats 1 thing porn does. Program us like animals to get horny just by thinking or talking about it. The way dogs salivate when they think of food is the same...?!?!?! Just find something better to will such as the freedom it provides when you are celibate and will for that instead. I find it helps to release the past tension.

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