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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Moxie, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Moxie

    Moxie Fapstronaut

    Its Lent, and Gary Deem gave up facebook, so he could stop creeping and wasting hours a day, and I'm doing the same, to use the hours for something positive, outdoors, and constructive. I want to reset my neural reward circuit to weaken the path of dopamine from porn, PMO, and "likes" on facebook, and build new pathways of dopamine from real life, real women, and productive activities. I'm a little nervous, because giving up PMO is challenging enough, I wonder if I can handle the extra challenge. I hope so. I really want to excommunicate PMO for ever.
  2. You won't miss it. I joined years ago because everyone supposedly kept in touch using it. But like you already mentioned it went from friending a couple of acquaintances to endless hours browsing hot chicks at work or school. If you haven't done so already, install K9 Web Protection. It's basically an iron wall between you and "distraction land".
  3. Saikos

    Saikos New Fapstronaut

    I'm 2 years "facebook free". No regrets! One of the best decisions in my life.
  4. Roy838

    Roy838 Fapstronaut

    I left all my social networking sites behind until 100 days of no PMO! Once I reach 100 days I will slowly add a site back each month! So that's 190 days till social networking!
  5. mijereah

    mijereah Fapstronaut

    I agree social media is a killer in terms of addiction. I would spend countless hours looking at sorority girls in skimpy outfits and then that would inevitably lead to porn and M. I hate facebook. get rid of it. I am trying to keep off of there as much as possible.
  6. crushurcravings

    crushurcravings Fapstronaut

    I deleted my facebook account right after I went on nofap. I have not missed it even slightly.

    It's very well worth it and I encourage everyone to do the same. Facebook keeps you captivated and feeds
    on all the same things that porn feeds on: Voyerism, seeking and searching, dopamine levels increase when X amount of likes is achieved etc.
  7. skart

    skart Guest

    Facebook is a complete waste of time.It is filled with losers who dont have goals or dreams to acheive. Remember you are not your facebook account.This is your life and its ending one minute at a time.
  8. Dorian Gray

    Dorian Gray Fapstronaut

    here is my list as of now,

    no facebook
    no porn
    no orgasm
    no cellphone
    no procrastination
    no junkfood
    no processed foods

    this list is ever growing
  9. And as bad as FB is, it's ten times better than Tinder or Instagram or Twitter or every other instant-oatmeal, self-aggrandizing form of popular media these days.
  10. mnkeyseemonkeydo0

    mnkeyseemonkeydo0 Fapstronaut

    Been Facebook free for six months and don't miss it at ALL. Deep down you know the people who truly belong in your life. Without Facebook, you'll start feeling a whole lot less concerned about what other people are doing and you'll find yourself much more focused on what YOU are doing. Even if you're not doing anything much more productive (I replaced Facebook with Netflix binges), you're still creating so much more space and time for YOU.

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