...giving up massage parlors as well

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    So not only am I giving up porn and masturbating but also my occasional visit to my neighborhood massage parlor. I stumbled upon massage with happy endings about three years ago and slightly embarrassed to say have been about 100 times since. Each visit around $100-120 for the hour massage and handjob ending. I must admit I will miss the AMAZING massages and hands down the best handjobs I have EVER had in my life, but I feel it also impacts my overall confidence and drive to find women in the real world. I found myself out with friends and around women but no drive to talk to them cause I just told myself...eh, I'm getting an amazing handjob later from a cutie so why even bother. Probably not the healthiest outlook to have.

    I am currently seeing two different girls but was finding myself still visiting the parlors when I wasn't with them. And notice myself fantasizing more about my next visit at the parlor than my upcoming dates with one or the other girls I am seeing. Probably not the way it should be.

    There is something really erotic that turns me on big time about having a stranger perform the act on me. I think it's the whole unspoken non-verbal way you have to let her know you want the happy ending finish. She knows what your there for but you cannot come right out and say it.

    Towards the end of my 100 or so visits, I had three different massage girls that I just cycled through I just called and made appointments with. They knew what I liked and it was just business as usual. Two of the ladies would even remove their tops and let me kiss and fondle them as well while they did the deed. It got quite addicting. Also, out of the 25-30 women I have actually had sex with in life and/or dated, only one of them ever really knew how to give a good hand job. Many women just do not really know what they are doing in that area. Even with sex, only 1-2 girls I ever had really blew my socks off in bed. Most women I've had are fairly to very pretty and go through the motions but are not at all really that amazing at sex. But I guess there is always room for improvement. I like to think I am some amazing lover myself, but maybe some of the girls I have been with thought the opposite. Who knows.

    Anyways, I am excited for 2018 and giving these three additive things up! Porn, masturbating and massage parlors. I went 5 days without last week and have to admit, I was already more confident, energetic and happy. I was actually starting to sing to myself again throughout the day which I use to always do before I got big into porn and masturbating at an unhealthy level.

    I did have sex on Saturday night which was amazing after going five days without climaxing. But I have to admit, I was more anxious and less confident the next day. I find myself just stumbling words or saying the wrong thing when I talk. Just overall a little bit uneasy. I sure hope having actual sex does not delay results. Cause I sure do like what I am hearing about going 90 days without it!

    Thanks for reading and glad to be a new member to the community! We got this!!
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    Welcome @JSeattle, I'm glad you're here. I hope you keep coming back.

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