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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MellowFellow, Dec 22, 2017.

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    It's the festive time of year and as I type this my house is full of sugary foods and drinks. I eat and drink them mechanically and joylessly because like PMO they've become a crutch and a problem. Having said that, I enjoy food that is bad for me and don't much like healthy and ethical food. But I'm past 30, obese, and have a history of diabetes in my family, so at the very least I have to give up sugar.

    TL;DR: have you given up sugar and what tips/advice/books/sites etc did you find helpful?
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    ill have a think and see if i can think of any better tips, but first one that springs to mind is stick with it, your taste buds change and healthier foods become more appealing
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    I've thinked about quitting sugar but i can't. I've only gone 2 days without drinking cola. Quitting sugar is alot harder than quitting PMO in my opinion.
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    I can tell you I went down in my waist size just from not having carbs for dinner and intermittent fasting. (I finish dinner early, with lots of protein to keep me going through the night and don't have breakfast until about 13 hours later) That's about it, and I exercised a LITTLE bit.
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    thats interesting. id like to say thats great news for me in terms of self control etc for PMO, as i haven't had sugar, processed foods, dairy etc for 3+ months, but for me cutting out sugar wasnt that hard.

    still not thought of any really good tips.
    Cutting down may help in giving up sugar, but in the long term may be easier to have 0 sugar as then your body craves it less. possibly having a sugary fruit instead of a sugary drink or snack, then after a few weeks cut the fruit down to a reasonable level (ive always been told 2 pieces fruit a day).
    Plan. find some healthy foods, keep them in the house, find some recipes that you will cook as they're quick and simple or whatever you need.
    Don't go out the house knowing you'll get hungry/thirsty, and not have anything available. either eat before you go, take stuff with you, whatever it is you need.
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