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  1. maybe far fetched, what about staying innocent till married? as we all know sex causes problems just like PMO. maybe a thread just for this? for the non-married people.
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  2. rabbitz

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    This is something I firmly believe in and chose to go through with from a very early age, the opportunity has presented its self multiple times and I am still, a virgin.

    I chose to be like this because when I observe others around me, they go through a string of relationships and it produces nothing. Sure they gain experience in dealing with relationship issues and learning how to love, but if I am going to marry someone that has saved themselves, I have to be the same.. Don't know if i'll change my mind :)
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    I am a virgin too. Once I get through my 90 days, I'm getting married to someone else who is also "saved" for marriage!

    But for us both, it's based upon religious teachings.
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