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  2. Wow!

    Chris Farley is the actor who died with the hooker who didn’t want to be bothered with a call to 911.
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    I know he died, but didn't know it was with a hooker. I know Farley made fun of himself, but I read somewhere that he really didn't like being fat and had some major issues.
  4. there is no shame in going to an escort , just dont think it will solve your loneliness. for 150 bucks for an hour you can have great sex. all this moralizing , this puritan bs; what you will tell your future wife? wtf , thats none of her business!!!! its nobodies business. it wont build your self esteem though . just sex man thats it and when its over its over . you will be alone again but you had the experience, i had sex with escorts , some were fun some werent . i had se xwith regular women , some were fun some were not. but its nothing compared to making love to your loved one but it beats being in a drought for a long time. i dont know the situation in america but here its not a big deal and very safe, safer than hooking up with some bimbo in a bar.
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    Are you an Escort enthusiast?
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  6. I’ll go with the drought. People give sex way too much priority in life. You don’t need sex to live. People only think they need it.
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    Somepeople do enjoy it. But if you are a person that would love some intimacy and a sort of emotional connection during sex, then most likely you will not enjoy it.
    If you are a person that needs the partner to show you some satisfaction/admiration while being with you, then dont waste your time... they are just doing it for your money... they dont care how good in bed you are, how hard is your dick is or how long you can last..

    They will try to give you minimal satisfaction so they get your money and move on to the next client...
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    Where's here? Just because it's safer than "hooking up with some bimbo in a bar" doesn't mean it's ok or healthy. Tobacco is legal and probably safer in the short term than heroin/cocaine, still doesn't mean you should do it.

    I think when you pay to have sex, you're crossing some kind of boundary. I don't think it's normal, even if it's "just sex", it leaves a bad taste in my mouth/mind that someone is paying to have sexual services performed on them. I've never done it because of this internal feeling. Other than that, I cannot come up with a scientific reason not to, except for diseases. Even if these women are tested for diseases, not all diseases are tested for. They are likely riddled with HPV and Herpes, and they can probably continuing working with these lifelong diseases that can cause cancer and cold sores. Why would you take that risk for a one time thing? It's still possible even with condoms.

    This actually makes me think of another question, if our technology were to advance significantly (which it likely will pretty soon), what if sex robots were made and they were disease free? Would this be OK? I guess I would categorize it as P, so my answer would be no, but an interesting question IMO.
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    I PMOed since when I was 11 year old. Yes, I had only 3 partners and as I remember now, all of those 3 relationships were under influence of Porn. Fetishes, emotional numbness, I was not physically bonded with those girls. I remember when I was having sex, I would imagine that porn video to keep me hard. Better say, I was looking real life sex from the perspective of Porn. Definitely, those relationships did not lasted long and they were miserable, far away from real life sex and relationship.
    Because of PMO, I had no partner last 2 years, I just was not interested in it, I had millions of girls in my incognito mode, so why not?
    Right now I feel like a baby who is learning life and interaction with people, wiring to it is slow process, but I feel improvements.
    My fucked up brain is wired to Porn, for it, sex is linked to Porn. So, when I'll reach 90 days, I am going to go with an escort. I will pay, fuck it! I will pay for my brain to rewire again, there is no other way, I have to unleash desire for real partner. I am 100% sure that I have not felt real sex, that means, my brain doesn't know what it's like, so it has no desire to chase real girls.
    First u have to unwire and then start to Rewire, it's long and very very hard process. But I am closer to it than yesterday, than 2 month ago.
    Fuck escorts, but don't make it into a habit.
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  10. Everyone has to make that decision for themselves , but if you're going for intimacy it would be very naive going to an escort. if one think it will cure loneliness, same. if u want a meaningfull event emotionally , same. but if you just looking for some sex , well i prefer that than dealing with all the issues of a one night stand. and one night stands or meeting with a girl in a bar will often want sex without condom, and its hard to refuse when you are horny. because its not always the man that wants no safe sex, i had a lot of encounters when the women say , nooo but im so safe..., yeh sure honey thats why you want to have sex with me without knowing me on the first night.
    For the guy that doesnt need sex in his life thats his life and i respect that but i love sex and it is a way of connecting deeply with another woman , one of the deepest ways i would say. and i can disconnect sex from love and enjoy it immensely but i prefer the real thing. making love with whole my being.but plain sex can be amazing, but its just sex .part of life , we are animals too, just not only animal
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    They have sex bots on Futurama!! I love that show!! :D
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    It’s not worth your health. Just came back from my dr and I told him I almost got to that point because of the addiction but he agreed with me...it’s a real health risk. 10-30min or whatever amount of time isn’t worth your health in the long run.
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  14. That was a big factor for me deciding against it. Also knew it would leave me feeling even more lonely after that short few minutes of “fun” if it is any “fun”. Also I have set financial goals and I’m not going to get there spending that money on sex.
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    Definitely agree. That’s a great point. It just becomes a more expensive and dangerous drug. Not to mention the legalities
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    ive been fapping since i think i was about 6-7 years old (im 22 now). About 2 years ago, i felt very lonely, I got rejected by a girl when i was 18 and alot of bad experiences went along with that so when i was 20, in uni, one day i felt so so sad to the point i was afraid i wanted to kill myself. I hated the fact how empty i felt. I was ashamed of myself. i thought if i go to a prostitute just ONE time, it would solve my problems. It felt good in that first moment but omg, i wanted to walk into oncoming traffic after i done the deed. it was horrifying, i lost my virgitnity to some 50-60 year old escort. and guess what it didnt stop there. I honestly believe i became addicted to escorts. I lost over 3k in a couple of months going to them. it also didnt help with porn. cus i would think of doing one thing with the escort but their goal is to make you cum asap and then get you out of their. they lead in the rooms not you. So i would find myself wanking to these crazy thoughts of what i would do to them after i left. recently i managed to stop going so frequently, i used to get at least everyday. now its like once a month or something, i even had the urge 2 days ago and spent hours looking for an escort and then pulled myself away. but dont do it my friend, its just going to make things even more difficult
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    Having slept with a prostitute before, I have a few comments:

    1. whores are experts, even the cheap ones. their sex usually is awesome.

    2. most whores are looking for customers who aren't dangerous. be cool, never threaten her or scare her. treat her nicely. she will come back, and if you are low on funds, since you are a good dude, she will once in a while give you one on the cheap or free.

    3. prostitutes are at a higher risk for aids than the general population, but lower than homosexual men. when you meet a prostitute, have a look at her arms, especially around the elbow that faces inside. that's where most heroin addicts shoot. if it's all marked up, move on to the next. the risk is too high.

    4. once a price is agreed upon, it's half up front, the other half when it's over. never give her the full amount up front.

    5. with money in her pocket, she usually wants to get high right away. the answer is no. you have purchased her time now. be clear about this before giving her any money.

    6. never give money to anyone who is not the prostitute. she may have a pimp, but that is HIS problem to collect from her, not yours. if she says give it to him, refuse.

    7. don't spend more than an hour getting the sex done. this is not a love and romance thing. it's an ejaculation thing. get er done and move on.

    8. never fall in love with a prostitute or extend the relationship beyond the sex. if she tries to invade your life, tell her to go to recovery first, do 90 days, then you can talk about it after that. a whore will never agree to those terms.

    9. the other reason not to have a relationship with a whore is because she is a whore. she will continue to have sex with other guys for money or free when you are not around. what, do you want to have to fist fight a dude on the half-hour?

    words to the wise...
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    Really man? Really? All the things you are using to justify escort visits are the same things people use to justify watching porn. Porn and escort both provide short term pleasure, with an escort taking it to another level, instead of looking at the porn, you are being in the porn. Masturbating to porn is a the lesser evil in this situation, even though it is already evil itself. If you want to have sex with escorts, feel free. At least you are right that it won't fix your loneliness, but you didn't go far enough, it might make the loneliness worse. I visited many escorts myself in the past and now hate myself for it, I was lonely and my escorting put me in the mind set that I was so worthless I had to pay for sex, that no man or woman would want to be with me. I lost a lot of money and self esteem. There is nothing wrong with being in a drought, use the time to improve oneself, not wallow in self pity because you are not having sex. I'm still lonely but now I'm looking ahead and working on myself, exercising, eating better, nourishing my body and mind.

    Don't visit escorts. Just don't.
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  19. hhahahaha no im just tired of all the moralizing bs and people projecting their own shame onto other peoples experience. going to escort is bad and you will feel so guilty, wtf some feel guilty some dont some feel shame some dont . I have paid for sex and i had lots of sex with love without paying, life is not black and white.
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  20. it didnt made me feel worthless,my experience is different than yours,it didnt made me feel more lonely, it was different for me than you.maybe we are totally different people, do you get it ????

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