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    What's the longest long-term relationship you've been in (not prior to seeing escorts, but after seeing escorts)?
  2. with my profile pic that's kind of hard for me ;)
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  3. 4 years
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    IMHO, I think it is better to go with the escort than pmo.

    PMO is a process of loneliness, regret, imagining myself in impossible situations for stimulation, in an isolated manner.

    Escorts can be pretty awesome. The thing they do that is off the charts cool is that they validate a man. It seems phony, they are paid mind you. However, sometimes it's ok, especially when compliments are not elicited.

    If the compliment is not contrived, there is the chance that it could be real. An escort does not HAVE to compliment a guy. She could just do the thing, take the money, and depart. If I had ASKED for a compliment, it would have been a different story, then I would have been CERTAIN it was fake.

    The reason this is alright once in a blue moon is because a man cannot be expected to work ALL OF THE TIME, and not have SOME level of appreciation. Every man who works, takes risks, puts out effort, has intelligence, talents or experience, deserves female appreciation, yet sometimes, it just isn't there.

    The escort usually offers that as an extra bonus without being asked for it.

    The compliment is better than the sex.
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    Did she know you see escorts?
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    Well for you I would try the scattergun technique. You're bound to catch someone that way.
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    My issue with escorts is that they don't make out. I'm a romantical guy.
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  8. i didnt have sex with other women when i have a girlfriend, and no i would never tell a partner of previous sexual encounters or prostitutues what so ever. thats private and in relations i dont share everything in a same way i wouldnt be interested in how many sexual encounters she had.
  9. hahahahaha you can always ask for a girlfriend experience hahaha, just dont think its real. but i feel you its kinda strange sex with just pounding away.
  10. have never met an escort you cant make out with for extra money but im not that romantic with moneysex.its just different sex , not the same as with woman that wants you.
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    What if she asked you if you've ever been with an escort/prostitute? What would you say?
  12. i never had that but i would ask why she wants to know that and tell her its none of her business. i dont think woman can handle the truth on that topic, like most man cant handle the fact that most of our gf or wife have had lots of sex with different men.
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    And that's why it's not healthy or a good idea to see escorts...
  14. mr asking all personal questions just to prove your point : you're a closed minded dumbass; fuck off!
  15. Do you mean someone or something that way ? LOL
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  16. ClaritySeeker

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    No need to get angry at proving yourself wrong.

    Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about going for an escort...not a good idea...
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    I definitely would NOT do that. Depending on a few factors, you could be getting involved in a federal sting operation aimed at nabbing people who are trying to pay for sex. In America paying for sex is illegal. By the way, let's say you do and have great sex. Nothing changes for you because you'll still be lonely.

    Wish you the best of luck man.. Don't do it, it's a stupid idea and will get you nowhere and nothing.

    Kind Regards,
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  18. escort is bad, because it will leave you even more lonely and empty than before
    also, it just sucks when you cant cuddle properly after a orgasm
    its so fake, she doesnt care about you, she wants you to be GONE asap
    my opinion only
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  19. definitely not, don't go with escort my friend. I've been there, and it's no good at all!
    Leave porn behind, leave this life of meaningless pleasure behind.
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    Its not a real connection anyways. They dont love you. They just want your money and fir you to nut asap. I just hope one day that i am able to meet someone who i can form a connection with, who will love me for all of me, the good and the bad
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