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    So I've realised a big cause of my mood that leads to PMO is my lack of fulfillment.. I have dreams but I never defined them.. I want to work on what I want in life now because PMO is an escapism for my current situation, but how can I change I don't know where I am going? What do I want? I'd love if people would share what they want from life and give meaning to why they want to do nofap...

    Ps I know it's hypocritical of me when I don't know yet for me! Hopefully I will figure it out too
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  2. Would it help if you wrote out your goals? They have to be crystal clear as well.
    I know some people would say "stay healthy" or "lose weight". It helps to break goals into tangibles such as "lose weight"= "Lose 5 kg by x date".

    Or do something where the pressure is on.
    "Stay Healthy"= "Do a marathon by x date"

    For myself, I didn't want to shy away from challenge anymore so I'm in the application process of joining the Army Reserves and recently boxing at a local gym.

    Hope that fleshes things out?
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