God’s Original Design for Relationships

For Fapstronauts who are disciples of Christ

  1. Gods design for marriage was a beautiful, intimate, sacrificial covenant that was made between a male and a female. It was meant to represent the love God has for his people.

    Men are called by God to love their wives with a sacrificial love in the same way that Jesus loved the world and died for her sins. & to not even look at another woman with lust.

    Women are called to RESPECT their husbands and do them good and not harm all the days of their lives.Biblically men and women are both called to fulfill one another sexually and meet each other’s needs.

    This is a great blueprint for a healthy marriage. The man feels honored, supported and respected by his wife making him feel like a hero and able to accomplish anything.

    A woman who feels truly loved and cherished by her husband is able to flourish in anything she does. & it is awesome for her to have a strong man who loves her and can lead her spiritually, pray with her through any struggles making her stronger.

    Sadly, 8/10 men are addicted to porn. They are no longer able to emotionally connect with a woman nor fulfill her emotional and spiritual needs. Expectations go unmet and people grow resentful.

    Women have turned to feminism and man hating. Women have forgotten what it means to bring goodness, femininity, peace and harmony into a mans life. They are disrespecting them at any chance they can, taking advantage of their money, houses etc...

    Both men and women have found ways to “fulfill” their lives without each other.. this is a life with no true intimacy, vulnerability and covenantal love.

    Without God and his blueprint, people become selfish and only look at what a marriage can bring THEM. It was never meant to be about what you can get, but what you can give.

    Two people who genuinely love one another and serve each other’s needs with grace and love mutually arefulfilled mentally, emotionally,spiritually and physically. Life becomes richer with a Love like this.
  2. This is awesome to read. Thanks for the post.
  3. Mithras

    Mithras Fapstronaut

    Agree. Abusive sexual intercourse is an error as well, as it weakens both of the sexes by depleting their life essence. Normally sex is just for conception, it's hard to admit that but as long as we are involved into the passion of sex our chances to evolve are limited.

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