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    Hello dear people,

    first of all I want to say sorry for all grammar mistakes. I'm from Germany.

    I posted a thread a few months ago.
    My plan was to abstain from porn but I struggled and continued to watch porn.

    I would not say that I'm addicted to porn. I don't watch porn a long time (just 5-30 min). I don't watch porn everyday. Sometimes I don't watch porn for a few days.

    The urge to watch porn is just very strong- so strong I can hardly resist.
    Yesterday I went to the gym when I felt that urge but today I yielded to the temptation.

    I'm also not addicted to masturbation. I don't masturbate without porn. That shows how sick my brain has become.

    You know that dirty feeling you got after watching porn?
    This is what I deal with every time.

    I want to become clean.

    I pray to God for forgiveness every time. I'm not only disappointing myself but also him.

    I'm a woman which makes it very difficult for me to talk about this porn thing especially in church.

    If someone has experienced the same or know what I'm dealing with feel free to comment or contact me.

    Have a good pornfree day!
  2. hej då

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    Urges to watch porn are so strong because you are a porn addict.
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  3. Gods_princess

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    But are porn addicts not watching more porn?
  4. You should first start masturbating to your imagination alone and then stop after you cut out all porn from you're life. It works for me.
  5. hej då

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    Not necessarily.
    You can't get off without porn right?
    You need porn to get off because you are desensitized.

    I'm starting a thread right now and will pm you a link once it's done.
  6. To get more comfortable with the feeling you get after PMO (sex guilt)... You must do more of it.
    I was reading such article once .. .

    Of course this is not all bad, and the world is never black and white. Pornography also works as a catharsis in the release of built up anxieties, tensions and hysteria as well as a catalyst to explore our sexual guilt and denied sexual thoughts and feelings by learning to embrace more fully our shadow elements in the sexual domain.

    Secondly ... Accept wthr you are P addict or not. First step to recovery is acceptance.
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  7. As I'm learning, an addict is someone who can't stop.

    Lots of porn? Not much porn? It doesn't matter... Porn damages self esteem and does other things to us over time.

    This video is what showed me and lots of people that we needed to quit... Please watch it. This copy has German subtitles if that makes things easier for you. In the video, down in the bottom right, click CC once, then click the settings picture next to it, then subtitles for German:

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  8. Headspace

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    I'm not sure about that, man. There could be some truth to what the article states regarding the "shadow elements", but I think it's more about becoming aware of them, while "embracing" sounds a little weird to me, like, "to develop a healthy sexuality I need to have sex with a ton of prostitutes and get HIV first because that are the shadow elements I need to embrace". What you say only makes sense when you assume that this sexual guilt is no actual guilt but only a Freudian struggle between Id and Superego. But what if this guilt comes from a deep insight that porn sabotages you from activating your potential and doing what you are supposed to do as a human being on earth?

    I agree with that, though.
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  9. Icyweb

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    Porn and masturbation are not healthy. They do not need to be explored in order to be free from them.

    This is difficult, but there is help here. You will need to educate yourself on addiction, and make plans for when you have temptations. You should start a journal in the Women's section of the forums. You will be able to talk freely about these problems there, and the women here will be able to give you advice that is specific to females.

    Good luck, and feel free to send me a private message if you have any questions.

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  10. simmering

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    du schaffst es nicht, die pornos sein zu lassen und du hast einen starken drang sie anzusehen? vielleicht ist es ja doch eine abhängigkeit? ;-)
    hier kannst du auf jeden fall alles sagen, ohne dass dich jemand verurteilt.
  11. Gods_princess

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    In der Tat eine gute Frage.
  12. IggyIshness

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    lol ok

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