Going alone to the cinema? whats your opinion?

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  1. I personally feel very uncomfortable, its actually one of my biggest fear, but this year is few movies wich i want to see so much. Should i go alone or it just socially unacceptable ?
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  2. Baerle

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    Oh I know that feeling very well, too.
    I'd say do it :) I mean screw others and their opinion about you. Who are they to judge you? Remember it's socially accepted to watch porn, so why give a damn about the acceptance of that messed up society :S
    One thing somebody once told me helped me a lot with that topic. It was "When you think you are looking awkward in public or when you actually did something embarrassing, don't be ashamed. The average period of time somebody thinks about you and that awkward thing is only a few seconds or minutes. After that you probably went out of their mind and it's like it has never happened."
    In fact doing things on my own (e.g. going on vacation on my own) helped me to not care about the opinions of others. (at least in public. In face-to-face situations or smaller groups I still have some social phobia :x )
    It's the old saying "the more often you face it, the lesser it remains a fear".

    I know, it's always easier said than done, but I believe you can do it. I encourage you to go to these movies :)
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  3. Thanks man, great qoute. :)
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  4. I love doing it. If there's a movie I really want to see that nobody else is interested, I just go by myself and enjoy it. I don't feel awkward at all about it.
  5. I think you should totally just do it. Buy yourself some popcorn and candy, sit comfortably in the dark with strangers, laughing at some of the same things..!
    I think you'll really enjoy yourself.

    Be realistic, who is going to ask you," YOURE BY YOURSELF?????!! " lol
    Maybe if you bump into someone you know,, they might ask "you by yourself, man?" but then you just reply ya, I really wanted to see this movie " and smile and then toss the conversation to them and whoever they are with..then tell them to enjoy and both go on your way.
  6. alfianlight

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    yeah i think there's nothing wrong by going alone to the cinema. i love going to cinema alone, because sometimes my friends are so noisy and annoying, they just distracting me to enjoy the movie.
    we go to cinema to watch the movie, to enjoy ourself, to enjoy the show.
  7. I love going to the cinema on my own. I like sci fi- partner hates it. I go and make a big thing of it. find the best seat, choose my chocolate and settle into it. I don't like it when you know someone your with looks at their watch half way through and then it means they are bored and I am loving it. go for it
  8. AtomicTango

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    Just these past few days I spent some time messing around trying to get my friends to commit to coming with me to see Avengers Endgame, I needed to book this early because tickets at my local cinema were selling out and I wanted to see it asap to avoid spoilers. I asked again and again, gave everyone way more time than they deserved, and in the end only got answers when I said "Whether you confirm or not I'm booking today". In the end I wished I just booked when I wanted to initially and avoided the hassle.

    Moral of the story is; sometimes doing something with others isn't worth it just for the sake of doing it with others. If you want to go see a movie just go, at first it may be awkward but trust me, noone really cares.
  9. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Come on man, only Losers go to the movies by themselves.:p
  10. KarmaWeaver

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    Totally fine! I really don't see any problem with that. I've been to the cinema and to a few concerts alone and I truly enjoyed it! (concerts are a good place to meet new people btw)
  11. This year im probably gonna watch Avengers, John Wick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the Joker alone. Most of my friends don't go to often to the movies so if they dont want whatever, me and myself are the best company then. :)
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  12. Do it! It's super fun :) I love going to movies alone. I don't have to worry about if the person next to me is enjoying it, and I'm free to react however I want without feeling awkward, like if it's sad and makes me cry or something.
  13. Troels. L

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    I've been going to the movies for a long time now, the first times, I felt very uncomfortable sitting there, contemplating what the other guests were thinking, now I don't register them really, people have their own life to worry about. Have you ever paid attention to someone on the street for days? Whether or not I can find some people to see the Once Upon A Time in Hollyood I'll still go regardless. :D
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  14. If you're worried about looking weird, just know that the first time I ever went to dinner and a movie by myself, I was newly single, got all dressed up to take myself on a date, and I literally saw SIX different people I knew! If I could get through that with confidence and an idgaf attitude, you can go to the movies alone. Who cares what people think?
  15. Ra's Al Ghul

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    This is one if my biggest peeves because I know people who won't go to places by themselves for fear of being seen alone. smh
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  16. If you don't go out, how you gonna find people to go out with, LOL.
  17. Infrasapiens

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    You are not hurting anyone, I do not see any problem with it.
  18. u376

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    I have did this a few times
    Last time I watched fantastic beasts alone
  19. Sometimes I go alone sometimes I go with friends my some of the movies I like they won’t and it goes the other way as well there is no shame in going by yourself
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  20. I hate going to the movies per se I just wait until the movie gets released on blu-ray so I can watch it really comfy in my living room.

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