Going alone to the cinema? whats your opinion?

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  1. Best advice :D
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  2. That's ridiculous, I hope that guy gets locked up soon! Or he realises what he's doing and just stops.

    As for going to the cinema alone, yeah just do it.
  3. LOL. He can disguise himself as one of the ushers if he's got a red vest and a flashlight.
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  4. blacklabel92

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    I think going to places alone is brave and i applaud anyone who does. It shows character, and confidence. Alot of people don't see it that way. That's when you gotta ask yourself the main question. Do you care what other people think about you? Be the star of your own movie! A badass who doesn't give a flying fck what other people think. Be like robert deniro in cape fear at the movies, cigar in hand laughing your ass off! Now thats living right there!
  5. Deadlihood

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    So is that a phone number in your username, or what?
  6. This is easily best respond on this thread, i agree with you, I took whats left from my confidence and lets go.(still i take that Film critic t-shirt just in case:D)
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  7. InnerFaith

    InnerFaith Fapstronaut

    whatever you do, just don't fap in the cinema, ok bro ?

    on a serious note, why not? this is your life and your right to go to the cinema, why hide?
  8. Lol dont worry, i think Godzilla will be quite trigger free movie
  9. JustOnePair

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    Back in my home country (UK) I would not even think of going to the cinema on my own, nor eating in a restaurant by myself.
    That all changed when I moved to Japan. People here do a lot by themselves. Even go to gigs. It was kind inspirational. And now that I've tried it, there's no going back. I had so much fun at The Hives by myself.
    So go for it.
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  10. sid2611

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    I don't think this is a bad thing.cinema is a public place.I pay the ticket and I enjoy the movies. That's it.

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