Going COLD TURKEY on weed!!!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SLIPZ19, May 26, 2016.

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    So a few weeks ago I made a post about the effects of weed on my rebooting on process and the overwhelming response is that I need to lay off the green in order to allow my NoFap journey to flourish. This is the post I made:


    I have been trying to curb my intake from being a daily smoker to weekends, but I have not shown any discipline and thus haven't had much success. I've decided that enough is enough I can't go on like this; every morning I wake up feeling dead because of smoking the previous night and I cannot seem to pick up the same energy levels that all the 30+ day streakers have been boasting about...

    I just feel like I should share this with all you fellow fapstranauts as we all seek to improve our lives everyday, so here I go, Day 1 of not smoking (don't worry this is not a journal) and a big shoutout to my AP for being with me through all this and for all the support. Much love to you all.
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    I reckon that's a good move. Addicts tend to have more than one habit & the more you can do to be clear & present during the reboot process, the better.

    Strength to you!

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    Hey that is so right, managed to stop weed for 2+ weeks in the past but would still PMO (which is the deadly combo for brain short-circuit! also girlfriend sees me in shitty state when she gets back home from work).
    Just weed w/out pmo is like okay but you're right, it takes at least 2 weeks to really get your power back. One O equals to a lot of minerals and vitamins having to be produced by your body again, while one spliff shifts you to casual leisure mode.

    I think it's partly about going OUT, going EXIT when you feel the mind drifting to its regular, comforting habits involving instant security. That means leaving the very desk or sofa we're sitting on. Like, NOW
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    Before I go and before I find excuses to stay here, another part of the way to power would be focusing thoughts and attention towards something not that comforting, like stress generating stuff that is actually what we really care about deep down?
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