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Going, going...gone

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Wildstar, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Wildstar

    Wildstar Fapstronaut

    So here's my update. I've been on such a high I had to share. It's been about 7 weeks of no PMO. I'm a life long porn addict since grade school, I'm 45 now. Up until this past summer I was able to have sex w/o any issues. So I meet this girl in July and the sex was crazy good. Too good, some may ask how is sex too good? Well my friends for a porn and PMO junkie the more sex we had the more I needed to PMO when she wasn't around. I know it sounds crazy but even as I write this I'm getting aroused! Has anyone else had a similar effect? So my PMO was so bad I got into some crazy sh^t and fetish porn. Then started the edging! OMG, it really f'd up my brain because that's when the PIED started. Fast forward a couple of months and I found this web site. Hallelujah !! I quit PMO cold turkey and waited for about a couple of weeks and my morning wood came back. My gf couldn't wait to jump me so w a little encouragement I was back in the saddle. Fast forward another couple of weeks and you would never guess we were both 45, well she's 44 but who's counting. The sex is even better than in the beginning and we can't get enough of each other. Just had another great sex session tonight and I'm still horned up thinking about it. But that's ok because I'm not going to do anything w it until I see her again. So there's my story w an update. Still no PMO and I don't plan on ever going back. For those of you starting your journey, good luck and stay strong. It wasn't easy for me. I'm tempted everyday but remind myself what I have waiting for me at home. And if you aren't in a relationship then do it for yourself or even the next woman/man you meet because they deserve the real you, 100% of you. You shouldn't settle for less so how can we expect our partners too. That's my two cents. Cheers!
  2. shah

    shah Fapstronaut

    great motivation for us .. thanks fro updating us we are still virgin but waste lots of energy in bullish habits
    now we are determined INSHAALLAH i will complete my 90 day challenge i am in 7th day and its really hard fro me
    hope to almighty ALLAH to save us
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  3. True-Self

    True-Self Fapstronaut

    Thanks for taking the time to share. Great job!

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