Going off the grid again..!!!!

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  1. Hey everyone sometime ago I went 30 days without the internet and it helped in some areas.

    -Increased productivity
    -You don't have constant stimulus so you natural are more social, ect.
    -improved memory, this is huge because I thought my memory was so bad but its from using the internet to much
    -noticing little things similar to NoFap super powers :)
    The internet isn't bad but the way most people use it is, this site is great but I would find my self constantly checking it and not getting stuff done. I do stuff but I want to be more productivy and intune.
    Anyway right now im 33 days in NoFap and I want to go at least 50 days without internet.
    One of my goals is relearning a language so I would be using skype or whats upp to exchange conversation so this would be once a week, I was going back and forth but ita part of my studies my main problem was random searching and checking email, this site, youtube.

    NoFap, no internet, cold showers, and exercise are my grounding weapons.We as humans find ways to disconnect with ourselves to much so we find things to ground us again.
    So today Im hyping my self up for this 50 or more day challenge and tomarrow is day one.
    I will post something about my findings in 50 days!!
    Godbless all of you and stay strong in the fight.
    -Жить в кайф
  2. Sounds great. I'm planning to try something similar soon too. I definitely could also use a reboot from internet. Good luck and lots of strength to you man!
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    Avoiding internet is also a great idea. We receive too much useless information everyday that really ocuppies valuable space in our brain. And it usually is a waste of time. At the end of July I'll be doing the "Camino de Santiago". Basically I'll cross Portugal from south to north and finish in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) entirely by foot. So I'll be more than a month without internet and spend 5-7 hours a day just walking and meditating. If anyone of you ever has the opportunity to do it I highly recommend it :)

    You must have the free time and money to eat and pay the night at the public hostels (6€ the night). There are plenty of routes and you can do it as many days as you want.

    I'm starting to think that we should name this combo: no PMO, no internet, cold shower and exercise with a name. Or a NoFap "mode" since I'm realizing it's one of the most frequent and apparently "efficient" combos in the community.
    Keep on, buddy!
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    Yes this is a healthy idea, ive been meaning to tackle my own internet addiction too and soon plan to go without for a full month, i totally get where you are coming from on this topic, i think the hardest thing about staying off the internet is other people constantly asking why you are not online etc which is annoying as they just dont understand why a person would want to give it up the internet completely? they dont get that it has very negative effects on (a lot) of peoples lives and they cant fathom why some people would like to better themselves and go retro for a while to find a more balanced life with more personal clarity,

    ive tried to explain this to people i know and they look at me like im mad, its good to hear other people feel that abstaining from all internet would be a healthy option leading to a more produtive and wholesome life!

    best of luck on your internet break i hope you find yourself and return stronger with good news and advice on how it went!
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    Would love to do the Camino de santiago, i have heard such great things about it! maybe next year ill give it a go!

    best of luck on that adventure, i envy the peaceful and amazing time that you will have!

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