Going to the gym, a double-edged sword

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mtrd7, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Mtrd7

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    Well I dont know if this matter belong fully to self improvement, but its a bit of self improvement questiona anyway. Im a boy that goes to gym almost everyday except on weekend and there are exams and I need to study harder, so Im used to the workout routine long time before meeting Nofap. After my studying here I learned that one of essencial tips for mantaining the success is exercising, so we release more dopamine and feel better. But Im facing an issue that I havent found people talking here yet.
    In my gym, there are pretty hot girls (no offense I need to say the truth), and there is no way not looking their ass, they are everywhere, the gym is small place. I do even know what time to go to see the girls I like more, and when they go I actually feel sad, becouse I miss the view. This is making my brain crazy, I dont know if its good, becouse I go more to the gym now, no kidding, Im not fapping (Day 9 now, after relapse on day 39), I feel more motivation to workout, this is fucking strange.

    Thats it, sorry for the long text, I hope to get someones opinions about it, Is it good or really bad? or neither o_O

    P.s: I have a gf (long time relation)
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  2. selfimprovement8008

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    i have that issue as well I mean i guess the best way is for us is to quit the gym and either build a home gym or go at later times
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  3. heightening

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    Try going early in the mornings or late before closing. The reason why I recommend this is it seems you've encountered another challenge on-top of working out.

    You might want to consider bringing a trusted friend to keep you focused, think outside the box and make conscious efforts to focus on your workout. Trust me as time goes on you will have more control over your gaze.

    The thing is when your pumping iron you feel good and horny so somethings that work for me was to keep track of the progress I make each day to week and keeping note on your phone of areas I think I could do better. Also having personal hobbies outside the gym can be extremely beneficial. I found my attention more focused just by micro managing myself, seeing that progress is extremely rewarding!
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  4. Mtrd7

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    Thanks for replying, My current hobbies are playing and working out, but Internet has become dangerous for me, and now the gym. :emoji_sweat_smile:
  5. Infrasapiens

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    You can just not look at them. You say it like you are being held at gunpoint. Focus on the exercise.
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  6. OP007

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    I know this from experience. Most people go to the gym to sweat, not to mingle. That usually happens with people that already know each other. Just focus your attention on exercising, I do that all the time and it works wonders on the days I go.

    Hope this helps.
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  7. Rolo75

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    I have exactly the same issue. The best action is to go either very early in the morning or very late when there is less people. Thats the only solution.
    Stay strong fam
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  8. SamFZ

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    Focus on your workout, not butts.

    Also learn to see butts as just a part of a human body. A nice part, for sure, but it's somebody else's butt and not your business. Gotta be able to think "Oh wow, she definitely does her squats, good for her. Hopefully someday I can meet somebody who takes as much care of her body, in the mean time, I'll take care of mine". Remember it's attached to a human who you don't know who is trying to go about her day and get fit.

    For me, working out really helped me to separate people's bodies from sex thoughts. We're all in the gym for the same reason, and we all respect one another for being in there. Lifting weights and doing cardio forces that sexual frustration out in better, healthier ways. I mean I still get a thought like "Damn, she looks good", but then it moves to "...and she's trying to go about her day and doesn't need me looking at her the whole time, besides I got my own body to focus on". Appreciate the beautiful people you get to see, then bring your attention back to your own body. As soon as you notice yourself getting distracted, bring your attention back to your body, count your reps, manage your breathing, etc. I mean, let the thoughts happen but don't let them run away with you.
  9. need4realchg

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    LOL. your candor is hilarious.

    Okay, I want you to pretend you are a medical doctor, you have to see body parts all day. Breasts, butts, penises, noses, eyes, feet, etc.

    How often do you think these professionals get aroused because of their patients? Do you think they find their patients attractive at times?
    Do you think they walk around with their lab coats and charts with a hard-on all the time?

    lol. No; it's a matter of perspective.
    If you see your sister, or your mom in leggings yeah, to another guy she might be hot, but you have (hopefully) a boundary that says... "yuck, that's my family, etc".

    You need to "re-frame" how you see the people that you are objectifying.
    You can get to know them, find something about them that turns you off, and focus on that.... "like if they are a smoker and you hate that for example".

    We objectify the people or things that we distance ourselves from. If you get to know them you will not be able to do that.

    Plan B: ask your girlfriend to work out with you, you won't be able to enjoy the "view" as much; you'll have to focus!

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  10. SamFZ

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    ^ Fucking nailed it, mate.

    I mean there's nothing wrong with finding people attractive, but it doesn't need to go further than that.

    If all else fails, next time you look at a butt remind yourself that's where all the poop and farts come from. :p
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  11. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    LOL. thanks bruh, not to trigger anything here.. but in brazil there is Fart p***. LOL. it's so hilarious but way werid/kinky. in other words, that is not a turn off anymore. I think they made scat illegal in the US cuz you don't see it anymore, but it does exist. Totally sick, but this stuff can be really bad.
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  12. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    I think this was a subconscious thing, but now I'm totally going to the gym :D haha
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  13. Sounds like maybe you're addicted to looking at butts? Maybe in a somewhat similar way you're addicted to porn?
  14. #GirlsPoopAndFartToo
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  15. MuscularSherlockHolmes

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    Noticing it is not a bad thing, but if you take it home with you and keep brooding over it, long after the aforesaid posterior has left your line of sight, then it's a problem and you need to learn to deal with it.
  16. Marcelo48

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    Don't you have a hardcore powerlifting gym or something like that near you? Those places usually don't have hot girls and are the best to work out.
  17. Coolbreeze

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    Go at 6 in the morning there wont be hot girls but only grandmas with fatty asses
  18. need4realchg

    need4realchg Fapstronaut

    --but what if he likes grandma's with fat asses? LOL.

    Actually at my gym, from 10-11am it's all retirees. the peak times is early morning, lunch, and 6-9pm.... not sure how it works there, but dude, it's not the gym. You can go to the local grocery store (here it's whole foods) and I swear, you see more ass there than the gym; everyone is healthy, and showing off their juicy buns...

    might have to add grocery stores to the list!
  19. That feeling when you realize that this is what was triggering him all along...
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