Going trought tough time!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Toni7, Jun 27, 2020.

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    Day 7!
    I'm in the bad place as this point of my life. I'm struggeling to find a motivation. I'm feeling down. Whole situation. The bad people I am surrounded by in my neighboord and at work how they dont respect my time and my work. I'm not doing what I think I need to do and what I need to be in life. Even when I have time I remember where I'm at this point of my life and that I have to go to work and get back home. But maybe that is what I must get trouhht to be what I want in my life.
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  2. I hope you will be okay. Sounds like you must go through this in order to be where you want to be. I say keep going. Don't let those people bring you down. You know who you are and where you want to be. Let that be your strength and guidance.
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    Hey, thanks man :D
    I hope I can motivate myself in this bad situations to keep on going no matter what. But it's very hard. I really don't want to be in thoes situations.
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  4. Pray. A sign something big is coming is discomfort in your life.
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  5. Toni7

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    Well do. Hope I can live up to that.
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    hey man I would encourage you to start looking for a new job( I know its very tough market nowadays) or try to take a shower when back from work so when yu come back from showering then you will few new and refreshed.
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    hey buddy i am in the same situation as yours and i also don,t really want to do what i am doing right now but when i think broadly in life this is the best thing i must be doing and there is nothing better thing i can do instead of this right now , only the problem is life is like a hepthalon we face diff type of obstacle and we think that we don,t like this obstacle and we want a diff obstacle or situation in life in future where we are more passionate to face or simply i say we want to live other life, but the reality is no obstacle is interesting. as success comes due to consistent effort of 2-3 years in any field and 2-3 are enough to make you feel demotivated or tired of doing the same thing again and again so my friend my only advice to you is make your work the most interesting thing you can make and the best way i find to this is by cutting all distraction and all things all people that make you feel that your work is not worth it and if you can not cut them make you mind thick enough so that it does not get affected
    hope it helps
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    I'm thinking and I don't relly know what is best. Even if I have a shower(I usually do becaouse of my work) I already have to think when next time I need to go to work. Becaouse I don't have normal shift. I go 2 times a day to job. Even I went when there was holiday. So they don't really give a shit abouth me. @Kddyy I have some benefits. I consider to work only half time and have 3 times lower pay. But at least i would do something what I like in my free time and grow as a person. Now I need to pause my life and just work. So I thinking are benefits of how I'm doing right now better then lofe I could live right now...

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