Gonna suicide guys ! Help please

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  1. please don't kill yourself. Life is beautiful. if you want to talk, you can send me a message and i will help you. relapse is not the end of the world. please life is beautiful
  2. Karan ghuman

    Karan ghuman Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot everyone
    God bless u all

    Have somthing to ask

    I am having jelly like sperm or chunks of jelly sperm . Noticed it on relapse and after wetdream

    Is it normal?
  3. JethroTull

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    With respect Karen, and I understand you've been through tough times recently, but this thread isn't the place to be asking that. Maybe in the off topic area or another forum perhaps. I say this just because it's not so relevant to NoFap, rather it's about personal sexuality. Alternatively, speak to a health professional because it's hard for anyone here to diagnose with a description alone, and pictures would be basically P and you'd be banned.
  4. Karan ghuman

    Karan ghuman Fapstronaut

    Thnks for reply mate

    In india its very difficult to find a good sexologist
    Because everyone try to take benefit of the patient as they know i will follow whtever they say
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  5. Dgreat24

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    You explained it perfectly man! Round of a plause! Seriously if you would watch porn for hours and jerked for that long then yea a year at the least. Maybe you can start having sex before then but to be fully recovered yea about a year. I’ve been been on streaks since feb and I’m 26, relapsed a few times but still didn’t give up and now starting to wake up with wood and getting my libido back little by little. I would mostly just jerk it like 2-3 a day seriously everyday and watched porn for like 5 mins max but I wouldn’t watch porn everyday but just the fact that I would jerk it 2-3 a day thinking about Porn then that’s excessive as well and 90 days might not even fully do it. Maybe like 5-6 months for me. It all depends on how long you’ve had this addiction and how much porn you’d watch.
  6. MindfulAchilles

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    First of all, and I need you to carefully listen to this, if you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts - seek immediate professional help (where are you located?). I cannot stress this enough. You’re a valuable human being. Suicidal thoughts are nothing to play with.

    Relapse. Well - people hate the word and with a lot of reason. It is what we’re trying not to have happen to us. I want to encourage you (not without adding with a level of caution that this is not a free pass to your progress) that relapse does not mean loss. Not entirely.

    I take recovery as an attempt to replace an operating system within a computer that is running. You cannot just shut yourself down, replace the OS and then restart again. You have to slowly work through shutting down what you can and replace one by one elements in your thinking that have contributed to your problem. When you relapse there’s the danger of losing all progress - only if you let it be so and you throw in the towel. I can assure you, with a level of experience from my own relapses, that progress is only attributed to personal development and not to a streak. The streak may stop the habit and restore some biological things that were damaged (you mentioned quite a few) but it will not affect change to your mind. For this, you’ll have to work on your response, on your triggers, on your basis for it happening to you over and over. A life and way of thinking will not just change on its own by stopping one aspect of it - you’ll have to work your way “patching” up parts of it.

    It sucks, I know. But you’re in no way back to square one. You’re already ahead of your past self. Keep moving.
  7. Yanis

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    You should be proud of yourself.
    This life is very precious. Choose joy!
    You were born to be happy.
  8. PSSvega3

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    hey there!since nobody's been replying my post ,i'm posting here a copy of it ,pls go through and help me..
    Iam a 16 yr old,here's what happened in my life:


    seventh grade,back then i was a happy school going boy,never worried or tensed about anything...i remember having a lot of fun going to school,having fun with my friends,parties,soccer....i was a bright student,i remember being awarded a medal from our school principal for achieving an international rank of 42 in the math olympiad. I'm looking at the certificate and i cant stop myself from crying.....
    and all of a sudden my life took a sudden turn,i remember my dad purchasing me a smart phone,i used to use it basically for playing games,but in few days i came through an add featuring a girl half naked,i didn't swipe of the screen(well incidents like this have happened many times,but all those time i had strong good thoughts which prevented me from viewing them)...and this was the beginning of my downfall...


    i started viewing soft core porn through my mobile phone,never felt bad just continued for hours and hours on weekend .....i had weird fetishes too..i enjoyed watching it..,i still didnt know how to fap...


    I learnt how to fap...and there's no stopping ,i would fap almost everday.
    although my grades didn't get affected ,my behaviour towards my family and friends started to change,but on the positive side i felt guilty of doing all this ,i vowed to change myself

    i started making plans and i failed every time,that's when i thought it is impossible to stop it(i still believe it is).i failed and failed .......

    heard about nofap,so i started reading posts,motivational videos i got really motivated ,so on june 14th i started abstaining from porn,masturbation ,i almost become successful as i abstained from PMO for around six months!!i stared feeling happy,I started improving in my grades,but just when i thought everything was over,i fell back into it...

    dec 15th:i was all alone in my house, I had nothing to do,so i opened my laptop and was surfing random stuff,then the idea of watching porn struck it,i couldn't control my thoughts and i relapsed....after 6MONTHS!!!i finally gave up ,I'm back to PMO...

    YEAR 2019: Now i feel like there is no way out of it,6 months was not enough,so i don't have any hope...

    i have decided to end my life....i need someone to help me out cause i wanna live
    pls reply and give me some hope to live ...
  9. oh my God please don't do it.
    talk to someone in your life as well not just on this forum
    life is beautiful
    i too felt without hope that i was always going to be a p addict but now it is a year and a half i had my reboot. it feels amazing now
    Relapse happens. it happened to me too but re-start again. please if you want you can send me a private message
  10. C.HNF

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    Oh come on, man. You are still young, probably the youngest fapstrounat here. You still have plenty of time ahead of you. You are at an advantage here, young man. I for example wish I realised that PMO is bad as soon as you did. You will recover and fully heal. Just stick to NoFap, champ.
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  12. JesusStrength

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  13. Elzapadelagente

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    Solo por hoy regálate la paciencia. Perdonar y sigue adelante. El viaje nofap ya lo comenzaste no terminó con esta recaída sigue adelante. Te veo de pie aún escribiendo en el foro y eso habla muy bien de tu interior. Suerte!
  14. BigOne79

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    I believe there has to be more updated discussion on the length of time to combat all symptoms. I am six months and I do feel mentally better but there are other symptoms that will need at least a year to be completely free from. The fantasizing is the worst one and makes you want to relapse to watching porn just thinking about it. For those with same sex attraction and edging for years like you said, PIED symptoms will take longer to heal

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