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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by anony mous, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. anony mous

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    Hello, i want good books to read. Not self help books rather literature books. The ones that i wont be able to put down. Im starting with lord of the flies, any other suggestions?
  2. diesel2256

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    The Hunger Games trilogy is actually really good. I read those over a weekend.
  3. ShotDunyun

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    The stranger. Albert Camus was a great writer, and maybe right now you'll feel like the protagonist
  4. nomo

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    It would depend on where your interest are? I like many genres but find most of my interest is in adventure, historical fiction, and interesting moments in history.
    Here's a few:
    A walk in the woods - Bill Bryson
    Wild - Cheryl Strayed
    Into the Wild by Jon Krakaue
    The professor and the madman - by Simon Winchester (Great if you are a literary person, it's a true story about the making of the Oxford English Dictionary)
    I must get to work, but I could probably type about 50 that I love.
  5. The Maze Runner series is not to be scoffed at.
  6. Kurapika95

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    100 Years of Solitude.
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  7. Lumberjack-off-Man

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    Sci Fi: Ender's Game is a phenomenal book. Like always, the movie does not do it any justice so yeah read it.
    Fantasy: Lord of the Rings. Watched the movies ten times over before reading the books and still fell in love with the series. Timeless masterpiece.
    Classics: Pride and Prejudice(I'm a guy and I swear it's good) and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    More modern books: Airman(Fantastic retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo), and the Uglies(if you like the Hunger Games or Maze Runner then you'll like it).

    If you can't tell from my list classic British literature is much better than American literature so if you want more classics choose British authors(like you did with Lord of the Flies).
  8. oxdevelopment

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    - Way Of The Superior Man
    - Gary Wilson Your Brain On Porn
    - Choose yourself
    - My Fight Your Fight
    - Elon Musk
    - How to influence people and win friends
    - Comic Toolbox
    - The Power Of No
    - Salt Sugar Fat
    - Rich Dad Poor Dad
    - Unbeatable mind

    Good luck my friend!
  9. black_coyote

    black_coyote Fapstronaut

    The Alchemist-paulo coelho

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