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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by computerul, Oct 12, 2014.

  1. computerul

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    I have read online that masturbating have several health benefits like preventing cancer, good blood pressure and other benefits. Are these all true if it is why should I do the challenge then. What are the benefits of nofap.
  2. dinydiny

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    I just to think dam this is good for me and fap like crazy, however i think sex in terms of your brain being normal and healthy has health benfits. Like that chick from waterboy would say masterbation is the devil. It makes you feel terrible man im on day one and its took me years to figure it out that this is bad. Its online articles like the one your refering too that makes people think its normal
  3. ADC

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    Hey computerul !
    Well talking about benefits, you can see a lot here : (just an example this one)

    It's definitely worth the try. (also if you know that you are not able to try, you're probably addicted... Which is worth the try then...)

    However I don't rely that much on Nofap to change my life. I don't believe that nofap cures cancer, stops hair loss and give you superpowers.

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