1. Can't deal with this anymore. I can't win I'm loser. Goodbye NoFap.
  2. Good morning @TheWinterSoldier,

    From a much older person, all I can say is:

    You are NOT a loser and you are NOT a failure! You might have lost and failed, but that doesn't make you what you are. I wish there had been as much information about the harm of porn 38 years ago when I was your age. You have the knowlege of it, and the courage to join NoFap... now you just have to find the method/s that work for you to change the direction you were moving.

    If some of us old farts can stop what we did for many years, so can you. It can be done. You are worth it, your life is worth it and your relationships are and will be worth it.

    Go for the goal and be the best version of yourself that you can be.
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  3. TodayBeforeTomorrow

    TodayBeforeTomorrow Fapstronaut

    What's the alternative? Losing here is actually winning.

    You tried, you failed... try again, fail again... try again...

    All that is infinitely better than doing nothing and masturbating to porn.

    You already know this.

    You are here, that is something. Being here betrays the addict mind.
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  4. r8js

    r8js Fapstronaut

    u r 14yr old. u r courageous strong person.
    really appreciate ur efforts...

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