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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Dan Sanders, Nov 23, 2020.

  1. Dan Sanders

    Dan Sanders Fapstronaut

    Hi, guys.
    The thing is, google drive contains lots of porn. Video porn.
    And I found that restricting access to porn helps, at least to a certain degree.
    So I banned reddit, torrent sites, safe mode on Windows, editing registry, restricted installing programs (especially TOR), also banned discord, telegram, translation services, twitter, (it contains porn videos, too), libraries with text porn, dropbox, most search engines, images in social networks, instagram, and even restricted all means to install/update apps on my android phone.
    But I need google, and you can't restrict access to google drive (afaik).
    The second thing that you can't block afaik is your TV, but I just removed the cable and now I can watch my favorite flicks only on laptop.
    And now, with all this google's plethora of porn, I'm stuck again with PMO (after months of struggling).
    How do you manage these temptations? It seems to me, that when you have porn at your fingertips, it's really really hard to stay safe and clean.
  2. Denis1234

    Denis1234 Fapstronaut

    Hello! I was stressed about porn websites,too. Use a porn blocker extension for your browser or install K-9 web support for your PC. If you feel the urge do some push ups or go wash your face with cold water,that might help you manage your thoughts.
  3. CenteredMan

    CenteredMan Fapstronaut

    I highly recommend Cold Turkey (blocks specific websites) combined with Clean Browsing. Helped me a lot
  4. FreshPhoenix

    FreshPhoenix Fapstronaut

    If you have any fetishes, get pluckeye. It’s a free image blocker that works well. Yes, social media can make you relapse too, especially Instagram. I’m currently on a 30+ day NoFap streak, with pluckeye and a porn blocker installed on my web browser. I have also blocked all social media sites.
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  5. Salt & Light

    Salt & Light Fapstronaut

    Google Drive contains lots of P?
    Sorry, I may be a noob but,'s just on there?
    Thrown at you?
  6. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    I blocked every porn site with Cold turkey. Now I also blocked socials like Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Youtube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitch.
    I blocked them on my pc and on my phone as well.
    Cold Turkey on the pc, and ios parental control on my IPhone.
    My question is: Is that enough protection? What else should I need?
  7. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    Anyway, Google Drive can't be full of porn, unless you search on google certain porn files that will be shown on your drive, or you store some porn videos in it.
    If you block searching for porn related words, and you delete your porn collection, you will be finally free!
  8. Dan Sanders

    Dan Sanders Fapstronaut

    It's great to feel protected when porn is out-of-reach. In an ideal world, you can have one button (or subscription service) which just blocks all porn, sexy images or even social networking images/videos everywhere. And a password in case you change your mind.
    By google drive porn I mean only that if you really want, you can find many videos shared on other people's google drives.
    And at least K9 doesn't block searching the porn keywords, especially in Incognito mode.
    So, when a porn-junkie craves for a new fix, it's hard to not at least search for porn. And then, when you find it easily, you just watch it, use it and PMO.

    As for your question, Αλέξανδρος, judging by your counter, I see you made lots of progress. My congratulations.
    If this protection is enough for you, then it's all you need. I described most of my protection in the headline post.
    How did you manage to make that far? What helps you most?
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  9. Aléxandros

    Aléxandros Fapstronaut

    what made me go this far, was the acknowledge that if I masturbated again, I would come back to that miserable state I was trapped in.
    I won't simply be the guy I became in just a year, that's what motivates me.

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