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    Hey guys
    I created this file GET HERE for tracking your own progress and your friends at NoFap.
    You can edit it from your computer or your phone using the Google Sheets app.

    You can share it with anyone you want, I share it with other members of NoFap that even live in another timezone (we each have our own tab with our names on it) , so we can check our progress and keep each other motivated. I feel its important that the day gets completed when you go to bed and its even better to feel you're doing with someone else.

    The idea is to fill this form up at the end of each day, right before you go to sleep. This way you're actually looking forward to go to sleep and completing your task of NoFap.

    It also takes less than 5 minutes to fill up so its easy and convenient.

    What you have to fill up:

    Positive actions:
    What you did during the day to be better with yourself or others, for example: Going to the gym, working out, meeting friends, read a book , go to class, whatever. It can even be a short summary of your day. but focus on the positive.

    Positive results:
    What positive feelings or emotions you got from these actions
    If you worked out ---> Felt really good afterwards
    Met up with friends ---> Enjoyed the company of people that love me
    etc etc
    Be mindful of the positive things in life! we all must learn to pay attention to the positive and how our actions are responsible for that! If we are active then we're more likely to be happy.

    Sometimes you are not feeling great, sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes we feel amazing. This is where you note that down. For example, Felt tired during the day or feeling neutral but energetic.
    The idea is to observe yourself and just have a general idea of how you're feeling and interacting with the world.

    Today I'm grateful for:
    Anything you desire, grateful for your family, friends, work, having food, a house, clothes, love, etc etc.
    It's important to be grateful for something at the end of each day! sometimes we take a lot of things for granted.

    Tomorrow I will:
    What positive actions will you take on tomorrow? The idea is to wake up and go to sleep with a sense of purpose. For example, go to class, or to the gym, meet up with friends.
    Keep on moving and motivating yourself to do more!

    Thats it, Right next to that you can write down your short term goals and a description of who you would like to be to keep in mind every day. A graph will show your progress.

    Hope this is useful to someone! and of course it would be interesting to hear what could be added to the file.

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