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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by WittLowryfan0915, Aug 27, 2017.

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    So I was hanging out with my step brother and we were watching Super Troopers (anyone who has seen this movie knows exactly what scene I am talking about) when a certain scene came on. I had never seen this movie before, and this scene snuck up on me. I picked up my phone to try to distract myself, but just the sounds were enough. I glanced up a few times so I would know what else was happening in the movie so I didn't miss any funny moments or plot moments. Would this count as a porn sub, and more importantly, a relapse?
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    I think it's more important to consider how you reacted overall, rather than your accidental exposure to what you consider to be a P sub. It sounds like you're perfectly fine - you didn't go all out and binge. I wouldn't consider this a relapse, but rather a reminder that triggers are everywhere (trust me, coming from a nylon + foot fetishist)
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    After 295 days i think you deserve to see some nude bodies. I just came from a nudist camp myself with my family. Nudity is fine. And it is perfectly normal to check bodies from other persons. Even genital areas. We are not cyborgs for christ sake!
    I reset my counter because I had some porn thoughts in the camp which lasted like 2-3 hours daily. And maybe I shouldn't reset it. But i did. The hell. Now I will be more tolerant to myself. I noticed that many on this platform are becoming too boring. The enemy is 1. Porn, 2. masturbation. Being Horny is perfectly OK. Watch the film again but with some company.
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    With all due respect to your response and opinion, I think that it shouldn't be okay to JUST go see some nude bodies. It takes years to build up, but it takes seconds to destroy. To me that sounds like, you're 295 days clean off weed, I think you deserve to celebrate with a joint. I mean come on where's the logic behind that. The point is to stay as far away as possible from possible triggers not occasionally allow it. I sure would not advise him to watch the film again. And nobody is saying there's anything wrong with nude bodies, BUT coming from a background of porn addiction, there's a major possibility that being unnecessarily exposed to such content may just serve a good enough trigger and may bring some unneeded thoughts to the viewers mind. Sorry if you found this too loaded, but I just thought that what you wrote was a little controversial and I had to say something about it. Hope this helps. :)

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