Got Intimate with my Long time Girlfriend. This is my report.

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    Fellow Fapstronaunts,

    I got intimate with my long time girlfriend and I could not believe what was happening. It was so much Real. I cant believe I used to be a PMO addict almost getting to Cardiac arrest Choking my Pipe Everyday to a very fake thing like porn while something like that existed. After that magical experience I come to terms that PMO is Complete Garbage.

    It has been really long since I quitted PMO. Things have Changed Sporadically over the years. Pmo is a Deadly Addiction. I believe I have won. I hope this will be a message of hope to all that are struggling with PMO.

    I pray that You will all Live Long and Prosper.

    Greetings from Africa.
  2. Good that you stopped before jerking out all the life out of yourself.

    Now just always remeber why you stopped so that streak get stuck at 500+ days.
    Thanks for your prayers. I turned to God too recently.
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    Congratulations! :)
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    Thank You