Got scholarship and extreme happiness because of mental clarity

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Inspirer3, Mar 18, 2019.

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    Hello Friends,
    For the first time I am posting something on this forum .
    I was a good student since school then I fall into fapping but it didn't destroyed me much because I discovered this forum early(Thanks God).I then acheived good grades but I couldn't quit the habit of fapping but made it very less.Then in the next year of studies I did 3 months nofap I still wasn't sure that Is it me?
    I got a rank among whole city and then again fell into the abyss of fapping after 3 months.I soon recovered from it and again started to nofap but didn't get successful like 3 months but did 1 month and less streaks.
    I joined Chartered Accountancy course and there was a scholarship available for position holders but after a test and so I gave that test.
    I was on month nofap that time and it helped me because only 30 students were selected from my country and from my city only 3.
    So, I was selected among them and currently doing CA and Nofap.
    I want to give u the message that it is not just a mere activity but it is real and I have seen and experienced it many times that it helps.
    PS:Girls attraction is too real I have experienced it much.
  2. pornlessgeneral

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    Cool story bro. I wish I had found nofap earlier in my life. It's good you already quit pornography since a young age.
  3. 220woof671

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    Good Job 22 Days of Success !!!!!!!
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  4. Inspirer3

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    Its never late to quit these things so, make yourself busy and forget what u have done in past and make your future.:)
    Thanks by the way
  5. Reso1ution

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    That is a great job, not everyone can resist for three months. By the way, I also had trouble with masturbation at college. I was studying at mathematics faculty which I found at and that was kind stressful because I like math, but it is the hardest subject for me. So masturbation was a way to reduce stress. By the way, it was helping just for maybe 30 minutes and then I felt again stressed and weaker. I could focus just after I stopped masturbating.
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  6. Deforio11

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    thank you very much for sharing your story, it is very inspiring and will encourage many people to continue, Thanks
  7. Beetenen

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    Interesting.Thank you for sharing the information.

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