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    exactly, NoFap shouldn´t be the no.1 thing that takes place in your mind and stressing yourself because of fear of triggers etc.
    The moment when you think about NoFap is, when urges hit, then you go check out WHY you do NoFap, you answer it and then you got your reason to keep going that lifestyle.
    I know, in the first few weeks it´s been so exciting, the benefits etc. but I somehow feel, the more I think about NoFap, the harder it actually becomes. People that do it for so long have it so easy cause they don´t think about it anymore.

    You have to build the correct mindest over time, that triggers such as nudity on media are NO HARM to you, nothing bad will happen when you see a trigger. This way you are relaxed in these situations, urges don´t appear because you dont give a damn about the trigger.

    I did recommend so many people to stop thinking about the negative aspects because they make it worse.

    - Think about the benefits of NoFap, not about disorders, disadvantages of a bad habit etc.
    - NoFap is an amazing way to get a full set of advantages in your life, not a necessity to fight some demons, evil bad what so ever.

    This applies to anything you think and talk cause everything does feed your subconscious mind and it doesn´t give a damn if your words are actually harmfull or not, if your thoughts are bad or not.
    So rather think and talk positive in order to get positive results.

    It sounds a little bit like some philosophical crap the healthy human shouldn´t waste time to but in real it´s a proven fact from the neuroscience.

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