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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by alpha_60, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. alpha_60

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    Hi all - joined last week, and I've just spent ten minutes splitting hairs with myself on whether briefly looking at folder thumbnails constitutes a lapse. Sheesh. I figured for this time, 'no', but that I'd better get a bit more serious and shift the energy over to the forum, with a brief message to introduce myself.

    I've now read through enough posts here to realize that my situation is by no means unique. Outrageous amounts of time wasted on edging/PMO, and in my case unbelievably repetitive IRC chatroom scenarios over the years, have contributed to:

    • days rendered utterly blank by excessive fapping,
    • sexual and emotional dysfunction with my long-term partners,
    • a vaguely crappy self-image that has probably contributed to a lag my career development,
    • a general over-emphasis on lost opportunities, as I take stock of life so far in my early 40s. NB: this may be what all mid-life crises are supposed to look like!

    So although I recognize the important function that guilt plays in a complex society, to keep us all orchestrated into productive roles and individual consuming households, I for one am sick of being addicted to it through the specific medium of porn. Looking forward to resetting and turning the resulting positive effects and energy towards my girlfriend instead.

    Best of luck to you all.
  2. db_dan

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    Hey alpha_60.

    I feel all your same pain points. Pornography addiction has caused a large part of my poor self-esteem and a lot of lost opportunities and poor decisions. You're early 40's but they say that's only the first half so I hope you can break your problem and enjoy the second half of your life!
  3. alpha_60

    alpha_60 Fapstronaut

    This sucks. So much equivocation going on, can't concentrate on my work, flitting around the net when I should be writing, getting jolts from glancing at images and dipping in and out of chat, making little deals with myself as I creep back towards deep-set habits. No O, but this will just not do -- resetting the counter for honesty's sake and putting this negative energy onto the page so that I can restart a chain of days over the weekend with my girlfriend.
  4. ClearAsMud(Al)

    ClearAsMud(Al) Fapstronaut

    Congrats on choosing to take this opportunity to try to turn the PMO around and reclaim the time and mental energy.

    Unusually, I've not found stopping the P too difficult (so far) but this has proven how ingrained it is into my psyche. Looking at anything (images or people) remotely suggestive makes my brain shoot off on a fantastical spiral and the feelings associated.

    So! Here's to retaking control. Good luck to you.
  5. Aryan

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    First of all CONGRATULATIONS for choosing the way of life you will always be proud of.Its hard,painful and totally worth it.I was the guy who could never get to Day 3 for a entire year and fapped 7 times a day at the maximum destroying many pathetic days.
    If you have not then read these articles on masturbation addiction:
    and porn addiction too..
    Also read something awesome about sex transmutation where you can channelize sex energy to other aspects of life and not physical outlet...
  6. ClearAsMud(Al)

    ClearAsMud(Al) Fapstronaut

    Hope you consider starting a journal aplha_60. I think that you have tapped into something that isn't mentioned as much. In my opinion quite a few people will connect.

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