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    Edited to update info about the report function in groups:

    OK group members and group admins. (We used to be called group owners but I think that language has disappeared now? I always thought that was strange anyway.) I'm an admin of the SOS group for SOs of PMO addicts.

    How many groups have noticed that we can now have our own forums, private inside our groups, rather than posting on the member wall? The main benefit to this is that we no longer have to limit our comments on posts to something like 244 characters. It basically looks exactly like the main forums but it's inside our group.

    Apparently this capability came about with the website changes that happened about a month or more ago? Not sure. I had no idea we could start our own forums until @matthewmammothrept said something about it so I tried it yesterday and, yep, it does work.

    However, we're noticing multiple technical issues that I want to alert @matthewmammothrept and other group admins too. Anybody else noticing these same things or other issues? Note that the team is working on fixes for some but not all of these but I wasn't sure if they would get fixed in the forums as well. I've bolded the main issues.

    The notifications in group forums are inconsistent. I've received some notifications on new threads I've created in the group forum or threads created by others that I have commented on, but mostly I don't get any notification. And these threads are marked as "watched" by me. And I don't think it's in my setting either because I do get notifications for watched threads in the main forums as well as in the old member wall of the group.

    It's been difficult for our members to find the forums, especially on their phones. The work around I came up with was to pin a post to the top of the member wall, the first page you see when you go to the group and the wall where we were doing all our communication, with a link to the forums and a message about transitioning to the forums. That is working for now.

    When we post in the new forum, it creates some kind of green icon/post in the old member wall. No problem except two weird things. One, with the default setting to post items in that area as public (although I am told it isn't actually public, there is a concern from members) the post shows up as public. Secondly, it's weirdly inconsistent. Not all posts get this same treatment. Not really a problem, I don't think, but worth mentioning.

    Just to highlight our main concern with this, the members of SOS group want to make sure that the forums are private.

    Also, in the old group format, there used to be a list of group admins. That seemed useful in case a member wanted to reach out to one of the admins. FYI that has disappeared. We're coming up with a work around to make sure our members know who the admins are.

    Finally, as an admin I can no longer edit posts or comments. The nofap team is aware of this. In the forums I see I can delete or report posts but I can only edit my own comments or posts. Which is more than I could do on the member wall where we used to post. In the past, I only used the edit function once, when a member accidentally used a real name, so I went in and took that out. But editing a post or comment could also be used if someone says something inappropriate. However, with the new forums in groups it is possible we could simply use the report function and leave it up to the nofap mod team, if that's agreeable to everyone. Honestly, I don't have a problem with that since I don't have a lot of time to spend policing the group. (Not that we have really needed that much or at all.)

    The good news is, they did fix the issue where we were not able to pin posts! That works now in the old area and also in the forums. (It's called sticky.)

    Group admins and owners, I'm curious, how many other groups knew they could create forums in groups now? Any other groups now using forums? If so have you noticed these or other issues?

    Also, thank you very much to NoFap for giving groups the ability to have their own forums! The old format really was a pain and this is much nicer. If we could get these issues fixed, it will be way cool! Also, sorry to keep bringing this topic up, but the squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?
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  2. You could add: the member wall has vanished with all the old posts. The main page only shows the last 2-3 posts. A better way to put it: the groups are unusable. They have been for close to 2 months now and worse: they are not going to be fixed.
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    I see you responded to the other post and saw that some problems have been fixed. However, I can't completely agree with this.

    At least the way we use the groups, I wouldn't say it's unusable. Plus the point of this post is that you can now create forums within your group which means the old member wall can become obsolete.

    I don't see any evidence that that's the case. As you now know some things have already been fixed. I choose to feel hopeful.
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    The more I think about this, the more relieved I am. If in fact we can report problems within our private forums, and a nofap mod can deal with it, I'm very happy. I'm going to test the system by reporting a test post. I hope that's OK.

    UPDATE: I tested the report function in our group forum and mod @[email protected] confirmed the nofap mod team recieved it.
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  5. Seems to be. Owners were really admins anyways. Well sort of admins and moderators. There was never a clear distinction between the two.
    This is a feature we have wanted to include for a long time. Not sure what happened, but with the recent software it seems to have included itself. Glad it's working, and it should make groups more functional and thus feel more like a community.
    Noted. Thanks for letting us know. We will look into these and keep you updated.
    I've done several checks, and I am almost %100 percent sure that all posts made by private groups are private. However it would still be good to practice caution and mark all posts private while we are looking into making that a default option. How does that work on the forums? Is there are private/public option when creating a new thread?
    Not sure the reason for this, we are looking into it. I seem to be saying that a lot. :p Our previous policy was for groups to moderate themselves except for egregious violations. However that has created problems for those groups with less active administrators. So maybe it would be best for the mod team to handle groups issues. Honestly we haven't had much problem with groups, so I don't think it will be too much of a problem.
    Good to hear!
    I agree! The old format was much too limited. With forum software available to groups, it should be much easier to interact, talk about group-related issues, etc.
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  6. I'm trying to remain optimistic about this being fixed, it's been a long time though. Just letting you all know that our group (Heirs of the Sun), has been having all of these problems.

    It has made the group very hard to use properly, or even on the same level it was before.

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    I don't know how you use the group but creating our own forums solved pretty much all the issues for us. Did you try that? Forums within your group won't fill your needs?
  8. I'm an admin, I can't add forums as far as I know... Though I was promoted to admin, perhaps only group owners can add the forums? :)
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    Admins are the new group owners. Same thing, new language. I believe you can create the forum. Let me look and tell you how.
  10. Thank you that would be really helpful, I have been through the menus and all of that but I could have missed something..

    This group has helped me and others a lot, it would be great to get it up and running properly again...
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    OK, it's hard to tell because we already did forums and it's been a while, but I'm pretty sure you go to your group, click on forums and you'll see a button for creating a forum within your group. You can create separate sections within your forum too. When you are done, it looks exactly like the main forums (and works that way too) but it's private and can only be seen by members. (It does say public somewhere in there but we tested it multiple ways and the forum can only be seen by your group members logged into nofap. We were very careful about this.)

    Our forums have these sections.

    group forum
    off topic
    new members
    helpful resources
    admin area/group issues/feedback

    One bummer is that it's not really that easy to get to the forums, especially from your phone. We got around that by posting an explanation in the old area for posting stuff with a link to take members to the group forum. It took a bit to get members to stop posting in the old area but transitioning has been well worth it for us, since we no longer have to deal with the character limit on comments, the bug where only three posts were visible and older posts disappeared and, another thing I consider a bonus is that we can now report any problems to the mod team, just like in the main forums. It takes the moderation out of the group owners/admins hands but for me that was a good thing as I don't have time to devote to it.

    Creating the forums was a bit frustrating for me. I struggled a bit figuring it out. But it wasn't impossible and it has made our group so much better, I think. If you get stuck, I'd be glad to see if I can help.
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    Side note, this is at the top under the group picture, when you are on the old main pages. It goes group name, information, members, events, forums, statistics. If you're on your phone it's a bit harder to find, but you hit the three lines in that same area after group name and you'll get a drop down menu.
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    This is the text of what I have posted, and pinned (it's called sticky now) to the top of the old main wall.


    We have transitioned completely to our own private forums now. So, if you are posting something new, please do it in the forums, not here. We also now have more than one section to post in, the main forum called ...

    The new forum is within our group and the privacy is closed, so only group members can see it. Basically it looks just like the main forums but to get to it, you have to be a member and, best of all, we won't have to deal with the character limit on our responses to posts.

    You can find it here:
    You can also reach the new forums by clicking on any of the bold phrases above.
  14. I don't see a button for adding a forum.

    It appears I have found the problem though, even though I am an admin (Position: Teams_member_role_id_admin), it seems there are no Staff Members in the list.

    I only just figured this out, this would explain why I can't do it. I need to be promoted to Staff again, and I can't promote myself... Ugh, this had me confused for quite a while.
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    I don't think it's that. I'm only an admin as well. I noticed the staff thing too but that didn't keep me from creating the forum.

    Here's what mine says.
    Fapstronaut, Female
    Promoted by AughtNaught May 16, 2016, Position: Teams_member_role_id_admin, Last view group: A moment ago
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    Are you on a computer or your phone? Get to a computer. Did you look at the

  17. On a computer.

    I clicked on the Forum link, page is blank basically..
  18. In my group I just see "group name, information, statistics"
    And I confirmed I am still an admin by checking the member list
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    It's hard for me to remember for sure because I created our forums a month ago and now it probably looks different for me because I've already done it. Maybe a mod can go in and help? Ill ask my husband, he's been mod. Or if you want, you can add me, make me an admin and I can check it out and then immediately leave the group. Let me talk to @ILoathePorn first though. He might be able to solve this. I know mods can access the groups.

    What group do you admin?
  20. Chosen a celibate life
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