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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by ILoathePwife, Feb 20, 2017.

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    Ok I'll ask my husband tonight.
  2. It seems I just don't have the ability to enable the Forums. Thank you for trying to help @ILoathePwife.
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    I didn't get a chance to talk to @ILoathePorn but I'll try to do it soon.
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    Hey LSTHX my husband checked it out and you should be able to create the forums in your group. He clicked on forums and there was a large red button, add new forums. You are listed as an admin, which is what I am, and I created our forums. You should be good to go.

    Jack, I don't know what the deal is but you're right, for some reason your group doesn't have the forum option. It's gotta be a mistake or something. @matthewmammothrept, Jack needs some help here.
    Can't create forums in the group for some reason.
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  5. This is a tough problem and I can understand being dissuaded by the whole situation. We're both here so that we can fix this problem, a lot of the other groups didn't even bother to try that (perhaps some got the forums enabled, maybe some just gave in).

    My point is, I came to NoFap so that I could face problems like this -- instead of giving in. A lot of us come here for more strength to carry forwards in life, so please keep fighting and doing what you can. I'm sure we can get through this... :)
  6. From my perspective there is nothing to get through. We can't fix this particular problem. This website is run by people who don't know what they are doing and don't much care. If you get their attention at all they will ask for money. I am not giving in to anything other than calling a spade a spade.
  7. It appears that some groups do not allow their admins to create forums. We are not sure why this is. Perhaps only the original group owner can create forums.

    @LSTHX Heirs of the Sun has forums now. Knight Solitaire was apparently able to create them. Glad that problem has been solved.

    @JackStrident Checked out "Chosen a Celibate Life", something strange is going on. No forum option at all. Not even for moderators like me. Not sure why this is the case. I bring this up with our IT people and see if they can't shed some light on this problem. However since the forum Groups software that is having all these issues was developed by a third party, there may be little we can do ourselves.
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  8. @matthewmammothrept Since all the past posts in the group are lost anyway perhaps the expedient thing to do is for me to just create a new celibacy group.
  9. @matthewmammothrept When I select Add new group it gives me an error... Is there a way to create a new group?
  10. Certainly that would be an option, and easily done.
    Only moderators can create groups. I am happy to create a new celibacy group for you. Once it is made, we can leave the current one up for a while to let people migrate over to the new group, and then eventually shut it down. What would you like the new group to be named?
  11. We are actively looking into how to fix this. But like the old PMO-tracker that was depreciated, the Groups are programmed by a 3rd party developer and we have limited control on fixing problems. I have to go back and forth with messaging them.
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  12. Ok perfect: let's just call it "Celibacy", Once it's up I'll pin a post in the old one and then, as you suggest, eventualy we can take the old one down.
  13. New group:

    Once you join I will make you a group administrator.
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    Yay!! So glad this is getting figured out!
  15. - The ability to invite members should be fixed.

    - Group leaders can delete posts from others.

    - Ability to edit own posts should be fixed.

    - Group title bug is fixed. Now properly displays as Group Leader and Group Member.

    - Currently, everybody can read OPEN group's forums. External non-members of the group can't read forums on CLOSED groups. Of course, there is the option of having a secret group, but that can impact people's ability to market their groups.

    Update April 14:

    - Fixed bug with member wall posts not loading thanks to @Jack Fischer's investigation.
  16. This shouldn't needed. I joined the "Chosen a Celibate Life" group and toyed around with the settings. The settings are rather non-intuitive but I managed to figure out what was going on. @JackStrident's group settings had the "forum" tab hidden.

    Settings button -> Group Settings - Management Navigation Links -> Check the "Forums" box

    From there, Forums appeared on the Group navigation bar and I was able to click it and create a new test forum within the group.

    This should be fixed now.
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    Multiple people have tested this multiple ways for the SOs group, including @matthewmammothrept and we had concluded our forums are private, ie, not readable unless you are logged in as a member. Or a mod. If this is not correct it will cause much panic among our members. Frankly, the whole point is for our members to have a private place and if that isn't the case the group is worthless for our purposes. I'm not going to panic because, like I said, we tested this carefully, but your comment has me confused and concerned!
  18. Then you are probably right. I assumed, based on your other posts, that it wasn't the case - and I was up very late last night working on fixes (lowering my ability to critically think). I was probably looking at another OPEN group. I didn't make any changes regarding the privacy of the group forums.

    I just used a test account and wasn't able to view your forum's groups, so you should be good to go. You should just be sure to keep your group set to CLOSED membership which hides the forums from non-members.
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    Oh thank goodness.

    Yeah, sorry, my original posts about privacy concerns had been resolved but I didn't update that on this thread I think? Thanks for your work on this!

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