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  1. Jem

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    How many groups are available, I can only seek to access six. I was wondering if you need Premium access to other groups? I would be interested in a Christian group, but I can't seem to find one. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!
  2. Slaet

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    Right now there are a limited number of groups and only Alexander can create them.
  3. coolman0101

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    But you can ask Alexander for a group as there were members requesting him for a muslim group recently and there is one there now.
  4. Nick5717

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    So far all basis have been covered, Islam, LGBT and newbie... there is even a group for cat fans in particular. As you have said, I have reached out to Alexander about starting a group for Christians but to no avail. I will quote him in the rules stating, "Unless if you’re sharing your own personal story within your own personal journal thread, submissions should be secular so that Fapstronauts from all backgrounds can benefit from it. Live and let live - regardless of your faith or lack thereof, don't try to impose your views onto other Fapstronauts. For conversation geared towards your particular beliefs, check out the user-organized Groups feature. If a group doesn't exist for your creed, you are more than welcome and encouraged to start one!". I have PM'd and commented on Alexander's profile and usually get a response that states the obvious, that only certain users can start groups or no response at all. I'm completely okay with the secular formation of this site and this site has helped me tremendously. But Christianity has played a crucial role in my growth and separation from pornography and a group for Christians would be highly beneficial for many of my Brothers and Sisters alike. I hope this brings attention to someone. Thank you.
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  6. Nick5717

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    Thanks so much brother, I'm joining now!

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