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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Dave G 123, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Not bad though, appart from the superpowers bit I thought it was positive
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    Yeah, it starts out well enough, but then we get:

    "...but there is a darker side to NoFap. Among the reams of Reddit discussions and YouTube videos, a fundamentally misogynistic rhetoric regularly emerges. The movement’s focus on testosterone inherently idealizes masculine traits, and the oft-cited claim that NoFap makes men more attractive to the opposite sex objectifies women and frames them as the “prize” in the game of who can hold out for longest. Some have even linked the movement to incel (involuntarily celibate) communities, who extend contempt towards masturbation and pornography to a more insidious hatred of women."​

    This isn't an incel or PUA community - as far I as can see, and speaking for myself, it is very much about self-improvement. The above section reads like an attempt to rubbish Nofap by trying to associate it with things that it is not.

    I'd like to see what female fapstronauts think - have I got this wrong?
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    There are worse articles out there but I do think the part where it says 'misogynistic rhetoric regularly emerges' is a bit of an exaggeration. Still, everything else is fair.
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  5. Terrible article.

    1) They never even reached out to NoFap for comment.

    2) I was told that they selectively quoted interviewees.

    3) The incel and misogyny stuff seems very forced to me and links to a hit-piece that I believe was placed by xHampster after xHampster said that this website sent them death threats. It has no basis in reality. And if there are misogynists on porn addiction recovery websites, that further proves that people who use the most porn are the most likely to develop misogynistic views. There aren't links, either, they're literally just made up to slander this website.
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    Anything that scopes on women in a male-dominated community and ignores the males is going to be leftist garbage.
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  7. I’m a women and while there are many men in NF who are very supportive and encouraging towards men and women, it’s been my experience that there are some men who have very warped beliefs about women and they’ve posted some very negative things about women.

    P warps people’s minds. So, of course, it would warp and twist someone’s ideas about the opposite sex and sex in general. We all know it does that.

    Hopefully we can all get to a place of recovery from P addiction that we can honestly examine how our beliefs have been molded and influenced and warped and twisted by P and/or S addiction and work towards developing healthy ideas about other people and ourselves.

    I don’t even want to read the article.
  8. Did you read the article?
  9. I think this is true.

    I guess XHamster is threatened by NF.
  10. Ok. So I just read the article. It’s strange. It’s kind of negative about NF and women who join NF. It mentions that NF doesn’t provide professional help that one may need to recover from S & P addiction.

    We all know there are 12 step programs (which aren’t professional, either but have helped a lot of people), therapists and rehabs that one can go to.

    The article mostly focuses on women and there’s nothing wrong with that. This may help other women see that they might have a problem. The article does have a link to the women’s reboot board. It doesn’t explain P & S addiction very well. If it did it would be more helpful to women. It’s so vague it comes across kind of silly even when it’s trying to sound scientific and highly intelligent.

    More women would probably be on NF if they recognized the signs of P addiction as they relate to women. There’s been a ton of stuff written about men with this problem but very little about women.

    Hopefully, it can help someone. Maybe a boyfriend or husband will recognize their partners behavior. It will make people feel better to know that there’s hope and help.
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    I think any article like this will always highlight the extremes of views, if those views are present.

    It's like having 100 cars, 95 are red and 5 are blue, you cannot write a description where 95% of the text focuses on red cars and only 5% on blue cars.

    Those views do exist on this forum, as extremes of views always will on internet forums. I don't buy into the semen retention myth that exists in some parts of this forum, in the same way that I don't buy into Chi/Ki power in martial arts (these are also linked here as well).

    I'm also not religious and so steer clear of the religion boards however some of these views filter through in other areas and I just pass them by.

    People making changes to their lives will see benefits or changes in other areas too.
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  12. Wow that's ridiculous...
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    For what it's worth I appreciate you taking the time to read the article and give your thoughts. I can only hope that the positive stuff outweighs the negative. After reading the article myself, I followed all of the links that were in it, and I got the impression that there is a media narrative that "Nofap is about misogyny, it's Alt right" etc. TBH up until now I thought the only problem Nofap had was the so-called expert sexologists that have been giving Gary Wilson a hard time, which was bad enough. Apparently not! My suspicion is that this type of anger / controversy generating thing gets people's attention and comments etc, which is good news for journalists looking for clicks, but not actually very helpful or truthful. So I think the female voice in Nofap is essential in terms of encouraging more balanced media coverage, so that the general perception isn't one of "oh it's just a bunch of angry men - no need to look any further". That seems like a misrepresentation that focuses on (what looks to me) like a small minority, and ignores all the positives.


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  14. I dislike the term 'movement.' Makes it sound like a cult or a religion, as if all Nofappers will someday get out their banners and flood the streets.
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    Seeing as the article seems to have been written to make Nofap look bad, that's probably the meaning they were going for.
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    Well sooner or later when nofap will start to threaten their project , they will crush it.
  17. Maybe they should. Just might change the world.

    A NF Pride parade would be awesome. I love parades.
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    Interestingly, since I've been on nofap I've noticed my friend suggestions on Facebook have started to include accounts with sexually explicit profile pictures. I don't know how they can get away with such imagery for a start, and why I'm being targeted with them. I never used to get that stuff, it's all like Asian and Arabian accounts, Brazilians, wtf. Complete strangers. Not even friend of a friend or anything.
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