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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by kropo82, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. kropo82

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    Today I hit Day 1,000 without porn and my 1,000th day of membership of these forums. That's no coincidence: you have all been an amazing source of support for me. You've taught me, challenged me, shared techniques with me, and you've all opened up about your own struggles—or the struggles of your partners—in ways that have renewed my motivation again and again. If the six years of trying and failing to give up porn before I found this site taught me anything, it was how much I needed you all. I still get an enormous amount out of reading and contributing to threads here.

    Thank you.
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  2. MadJackMcMad

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    Congrats man!
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  3. Targaryenn

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    Wow, congratulations!
    You have some tips for us?
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  4. mjones050505

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    Awesome! I hope to be there in 997 days!
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  5. Tao Jones

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    One day at a time. :)
  6. kropo82

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    Sure do, try here.
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  7. Fenix Rising

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    Congrats, 1.000 days sounds crazy good. Have you given up "only" P or also M and O? I'm asking because I'm currently in "monk mode" and don't know what is the best way to proceed. I don't want to stay in monk mode forever, but I also totally lost the need to MB (strange thing for someone who was binge masturbator for 25 years).
  8. Hros

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    Wow, congrats!
  9. kropo82

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    I didn't want to do monk mode as I think sex is an important intimacy in my marriage. I wasn't planning to give up masturbation because I don't think it is wrong. But so many people here said it helped them keep away from porn that I decided to try. I'm on Day 991 of no masturbation.
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  10. Shekhar_95

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    Wow great going. :)
    Keep it up. :)
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