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  1. I found a video on YouTube which told me to imagine that I was viewing porn, then fast-forward the process to the end of the session and focus on the negative feelings afterwards. It's given me an idea. What if I do this meditation for one week, then "peek" at porn? I'm curious to see if I can associate porn with something else. In my last post I mentioned food, but that'll be very unhealthy because I was going to do it instead with my triggers. If having sex directly arouses me, then I'll want to eat a snickers bar instead. Doing this exclusively with porn, working my way up from softcore seems to be the way at the moment. I remember watching another video on YouTube which claimed that systematic desensitisation is a more permanent method to getting rid of urges than to avoid the triggers completely.
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    This is the part of your post where you give a great insight.

    I've written in other posts that we might be inhibited from PMO if we remembered the feelings of disgust and depletion which we have afterward.

    Yes, PMO is a great high, and that's why we are addicted. PMO is "the bomb."

    While we are surfing porn and masturbating to image after image, we are having great fun!

    This is the first thing we must admit in overcoming this addiction.

    Here on NoFap, we're always writing about how awful is PMO.

    If we just say PMO is a horrible thing, then we can't explain why we can't resist it and why we are so addicted.

    The horrible part of PMO comes after, usually seconds after we blow, and often lasts for days.

    When we can put that awful feeling before the act, then we would not want to do it and feel that way again.

    I myself have many disgusting things to remember about the aftermath of a PMO binge.

    Those must be what I recall to mind in a daily meditation.

    I have plenty of material already, and I don't need to construct any kind of artificial negative associations.

    I must also offer a word of caution.

    Looking at porn is part of your program here.

    Couldn't that just be the addiction spinning out a rational justification for you to take that little "peek."

    Many times, I would allow myself to have a look--for only five minutes. That would be "okay," wouldn't it? A quick five-minute thrill does no harm.

    Porn always draws me into it, deeper and deeper.

    That's the experience I see throughout NoFap.

    Then, before I know it, those five minutes have stretched into 2 or 3 hours.

    I become so engrossed I must fight very hard to break away so that another hour or two doesn't pass in porn.

    My philosophy is to not be absolute about things which may be imperfect or questionable.

    However, concerning things like porn and hard drugs, an absolute stance against them may be necessary.

    If we give porn an inch--just a little "peek"--it will take us the rest of the distance to miserable consequences.

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