Guy confuses me. What should I do?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Just Rose, Jun 14, 2019.

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    Various random happenings happen and people sometimes have to cancel dates, but not respecting parents of your gf/bf means that a person does not takes entire relationship seriously and do not think long term, it is a giant red flag.
  2. He's 26 and I had a bad experience with a man older so I decided I wouldn't date anyone so old because I look like I'm 13 so they play with me like a doll u.u
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  3. You're right, I tried to fix things with him and right now they're not ok but I still have hope. I was very rude and I like his conversation, and he likes me, which is VERY important because I look like I'm 13, I'm flat as a table and my only attractiveness is my brain, which no man besides him has ever appreciated u.u
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  4. I sincerely don't like your idea but thanks
  5. Being honest , I really love flat women.

    Today i am a handsome man but I did not always look or feel that way. I had a lot of self esteem challenges and I find I identify more with women who have been “baby swans” than those who always have been attractive. I know what it’s like to be invisible.
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    Tell him straight don't say you are busy just tell him that you don't want to persue this relationship any further. Telling him you are bussy everytime is not a good thing.

    Best of luck :)
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    Do you like a girl from the outside a peace of flesh and bone? or do your like her soul i prefer the second when i find a girl i want to stay with her the rest of my life whe all get old and start to lose our nice body whe had when whe where yong so think about it:)
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    Don't discount yourself. Flat is attractive to some of us, and I'm sure you have other charms as well.

    What you said earlier about his behavior is fishy. I can't judge from here what he is, but I will say that it is unwise to make a decision based on low self-estimation.
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    I like both.
    Love good looking girls, but also love smart girls who are quality of person.
    Can't be hypocrit, I like the full combo.

    My boss is not good looking and I am falling for her because of the way we are honest and straight with each other. I could make an exception for her.

    But I don't want to be in a relationship with a girl who smells bad or who I don't like her physique not even one bit.

    I also want to enjoy the quality of the person in all of the ways, external and internal and not only when I am old.
    I have thought about it :) and I want to enjoy while I am young as well.

    That 'peace of flesh and bone' is called body, and yes, I like girl's bodies, have not met a guy who is not gay who doesn't. We are supposed to be taking care of it not only for the goods, but also for staying healthy.

    Of course there are attractive people who are a shit of a person, but there's also very good looking girls who are very sweet, smart and have a good soul. What's wrong with wanting to have that?

    From experience I know I like hot girls, but I can't stand them if they are dumb, I like intelligent girls who are responsible for their life.

    Excercise works wonders for people quitting porn by the way (if you didn't know).

    Also helps a lot to learn discipline that is necessary to be successful and quality of a person.

    It won't hurt you if done right. ;)
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