Guys a need a little help here!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Henry1860, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Henry1860

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    I relapsed 2 days ago with an 25 day streak. Now I am having extreme difficulty getting back on the streak.
    I am trying to abstain from porn but i find it extremely hard now. It is a lot easier to relapse.
    I think my brain is thinking "Fap not or otherwise you will start a streak and stay away from it for weeks"
    I don't know what to think .. so i need a little help here getting back on the road.
  2. R768

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    hi i was feel like you 3 day ago. when i relapsed i thought my brain take revenge of me. and i then just make my concentration on the day i said i will not relapsed today just today. and i did like that in the days after. like that i return on my way.
    i hope that will hellp you. and am sorry my inglish is bad.
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  3. Fenix Rising

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    Steven Adler once said: "Part of recovery is relapse. I dust myself off and move forward again." That's the mindset you should have, if you want to take control over your habits. God knows I tried and failed numerus times, before I was able to do longer streaks. It's all about the journey not the destination. You will stumble and slip, we all do, but as long as you keep walking, you're making progress towards recovery.
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  4. amaranth

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    My Journal
    This thinking pattern "you won't enjoy the thing because you decided to quit, so why not indulge one last time to commemorate the event with a last impression of it" is what has led me many times to relapse on the same day at least twice.

    The gist of our efforts is to talk our minds out of this pmo mentality. So, don't just stop the behavior, but find engaging things to encourage your mind to build new interests, new pathways that will serve you well on life. An online search of various potential pastime activities could be useful to help you brainstorm.

    Turn down the volume of your mind's worrisome advice, and bring up the volume of positive affirmations, feel-good- hz music, motivational content and things that are there to inspire us to grow as human beings.

    BTW, thoughts and urges tend to be more stagnant in their "persuasion attack" for one who is practicing meditation and is alert.
    Hope this helps!
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  5. Shaktiman760

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    bro you need a massive reason to quit that shit be yourself and believe in yourself you can quit and you must
  6. Environmental Specialist

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    The best advice is to trick your mind and say, Yes, but I will do it after an hour. If the urge is still there after an hour, trick your mind in saying that I will do after another hour and so on. Also, try to find something that keeps you engaged for longer than an hour to avoid such thoughts.
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