Guys, how do you make your life interesting while on NoFap?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Austin88, Jun 25, 2021.

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    Doing NoFap is creating a new life for yourself. But without PMO consuming so much of my time I find life to be very, very boring. The same things everyday. Video games, reading, exercise is only interesting for a while before it gets boring. I'm still very early in recovery so boredom is my biggest problem. PMO took away the things I used to be interested in and replaced it with self destructive habits. I used to play the bass encouraged by a friend....... and I stopped. Thanks to PMO. I want to start my own band. It's been a dream for a long time. How I make my life interesting again when the PMO addiction has left such a big gap in my life and taken away my joy in life?
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  2. Try new things and find what you are passionate about.

    Go out. Make friends. Explore the world. Have fun.

    But eventually, you will get bored of all these things too. And that's normal.

    Life is made of routines. It can get boring. That's why you are addicted to porn. It's because it's a never ending flow of novelty. And the brain loves that, because it's not normal.

    You must find your purpose. What drives you to be better every single day. That's the most important.

    Once you found it, everything else will be secondary.

    Including boredom. You will just accept it, and come at peace with it.

    Remember that life isn't what you see on Instagram.

    This shit is fake.
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    Quit fighting boredom. Fighting boredom is why so many people have such uninteresting hobbies. Learn to sit with boredom through mindfulness techniques like meditation.
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    Have you still got that bass? If so, play it! I've just started playing it too.
    There are some good and fairly entertaining YouTube channels out there, and too many to count iconic basslines that are fairly easy to play.
    My inspiration came from Davie504, but there are plenty of other channels out there that teach you bass and give tabs.
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  5. It's more about making your life a place of contentment, I think. You'll have to push through the newfound, intense, boredom while you get used to a slower, healthier rhythm.
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  6. I like making things, model kits, DIY projects. I enjoy cycling, cooking, listening to music, learning and improving my construction skills. But there are those times when i get bored and that is life! we have to learn to accept boredom sometimes. Dealing with the mundane and hum drum of daily life can be a challenge, especially for an addict but the longer you have overcome your compulsiveness the easier it gets to manage it.

    Sometimes i get so bored i just go to sleep for a bit, have a weird dream, wake up and then i just fancy doing something. Might make a plan for an outing or plan a purchase of something i want or chat to a friend.

    Having a job is really important though, i mean if i didn't work or was unable to work i would really find it difficult although i've always been able to find something to do. If you can't work, study, if you can't study, volunteer, do something that gets you out of the house or occupies the lions share of the day.
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    Wanted to highlight this.

    All the suggestions are great, but the key for me is to be around other people, to be a part of something greater than yourself. Nothing is going to be as 'satisfying' as pmo, at least until you are through the withdrawal stages. So at least do something that feels like an achievement, that doesn't feel like a waste of time.

    Starting your own band is a great idea, it's a great way to meet people and fill the time productively. You might even make a bit of money with it one day. It's a lot of work though. So you might want to think about joining someone else's band in the meantime. I've made like 90% of my adult friends through the local music scenes, being in bands, going to support friends' bands, etc. Just keep away from the drink/drugs and don't forget your ear protection if it gets too loud (your health and hearing will thank you in 10 years' time!)
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  8. ANewFocus

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    I feel this all the time. I just keep trying to live in discipline to these positive behaviors and trying to find ways to satisfy my dopamine needs. It’s so hard. I struggle with it.
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    Jacking off was always just a part of my life. Not my whole life, at least, not until it became an addiction and overtook my life. Now that I'm practicing no PMO I'm finding that my life that once was is still there. Waiting for me to pick up where I left off. It's kind of fun, rediscovering the man I was.

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