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    Guy lately I’ve been researching the effects of porn and the brain. I’ve read that people who have been watching Porn for some time have a decrease amount of gray matter in their brain. I’ve also read that people who watch porn have a smaller striatum. The role of the gray matter is involved muscle control, and sensory perception such as seeing and hearing, memory, emotions, speech, decision making, and self-control. The role of the striatum is in facilitating involuntary movements. So what I’ve been wondering is if porn can affect you in ways like speech and memory. I’m 14 right now and I’ve started watching porn when I was 11. Now I’m not a hardcore porn watcher, I occasionally watch porn like every 3 days sometimes I wait till like a week... ever since when I was 12 I noticed that my speech or talking skills were getting worse and worse, I had never been a stutter and around that time I started stuttering, do you think porn has affected my brain and has maybe decrease my gray matter and has caused my speaking to get bad??? Also I’ve been having a harder time remembering things. Do you think I’m just being paranoid or am I on to something? Please let me know if you think your experience the same things as me and if your brain is also shrinking from porn.
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    Bro, I’m 19 years old And I wish I was on your age right now, you must stop looking at porn, it’s just bad no matter what.
    lately I feel that my self steem is currently as low as it can be, my speech sucks, cant remember lots of things, my levels of disorientation are high and When I’m with girls I get ED, but not with porn, so, I currently masturbate like twice a week I’m and I currently have those symptoms as well so try to avoid that as much as you can
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    I think the information you mentioned is correct.You are very lucky to learn this information at this age.Get rid of this addiction(porn,masturbation,orgasm) and don't come back to it again.I am sure that the side effects will disappear.
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    Also, too much computer/TV time is going to hurt you mentally. It’s tough right now, but you need to do things IRL rather than on a flashing screen.

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