Guys my urges have been killing me for a week now

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    This month I took the opportunity to use no nut November to get clean as I was in a very bad period of binging a lot of porn and so when November begun I took on the challenge. The first 7 days were okay but after day 8 my urges started going off. They usually begun when I woke up every morning, I would pray, mediate, journal and head to the gym. But my urges seem to come back , like they have a mind of its own. To be honest I have been doing Nofap for almost 2 years , according to my my counter I have relapsed 54 times. But I'm still going at it. Porn has lead me to behave in hypersexual manner, I have done things I never thought I would ever do. Currently I'm also getting professional help but if that doesn't work, I am going to have go to rehab but unfortunately I can't afford that. Help , please help
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    Dude I'm in the same situation. I normally masturbate once a week but I've fallen back into my porn ways so now I'm in hard mode until I have a wet dream to reboot my damn brain. Urges are bad. I feel like my nuts are gonna pop, or one false move and I'm gonna cream my pants. Honestly I'm worried about relapsing sometime this weekend, so I'm keeping myself busy as hell so I can't even

    Wish I could give you some advice but I'm basically in the same boat
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    I am sorry you are troubled by your urge. Only I can suggest is... if you would be open, and ask the help from an undergraduate psychology student, which needs only few months to finish his study, and works on his diploma and his/her field is porn addiction. If a loittle group can be formed it would be supportive for all of participiant, and eventually the student would get some money.

    This way the price would be affordable, but disadvantage is, that the student has a mentor, so, much of what is said in such a group would be forwarded to his or her mentor. And of course, this suggestion can be applied only if you live in a city or town with an University.

    Be open-minded towards this option. Because if the student breach the law of professional secret, all his years on the Uni, will be worth as much as a toilet paper. Off course ther is risk from border case in which it isn't clear whether the student breach the professional secret, but life is full of risks. Only the life in golden cage is riskless.
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    Meditate more. Set your phone countdown thing to 30 minutes. After those 30 minutes, you will feel very calm, and relieved. I suggest you accept those urges as they are, urges. Accept them, and convince yourself they will go away.
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  5. ItsOkay

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    Are there any SA meetings that meet where you live? Or any other support groups/networks that can provide accountability?
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    Run your will out or go travel somewhere nice I am in a position where I can do that still I try to win everyday.
  7. Exit the Matrix

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    Keep yourself busy bro. Transmute that sexual energy. The objective here is to harness the energy you acquire from NoFap and to better your life.


    Work on a business.
    Sculpture your body by going to the gym.
    Set goals to better yourself.
    Attain your first millions.

    You cant just nofap for nothing. The end goal of NoFap is to once again...harness that sexual buildup into other aspects of your life. You can nofap for 2 years...and all for what ? What do you expect to happen in those two years? Do you actually think that NoFap for two years, 3 months, etc. will make the universe freely gift you that which you desire in life ?

    The way I see it is...once you quit nofap, the buildup of this energy that which is gifted by the universe because of your choice to quit, and such energy must be used accordingly to your life goals/desires.

    That being said...nofap in a way is the starting point of you building a freaking spine and take back control in your life, to become a god, an architect.
  8. the alpha project

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  9. takingthejourney

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    Urges are strong but they will go away, workout find a hobby and remember once you go a week just count down the weeks not the days. Talk to as much women as you can work on your game and hook up with them and use sex to get that release you will feel great.
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