GUYS PLEASE HELP ME im So confused:/

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  1. Lately ive been noticing that im getting turned on by same sex fantasies mostly sex fantasies and sometimes mastrubate over them.Ive been always attracted to women ive had many relationships with girls before,when i grow up i want to get married and have children.When u started mastrubating i was 12 years.I was watching youtube when a video with 2 girls kissing suddenly popped up i was really turned on.This is where everything started...i began to watch lesbian porn and after a year or so i began to watch other types like step sister and stuff.Now after all these years i have really gotten bored of all of this porn types and i think thats the main reason ive been thinking of gay sex when i masturbate.Also i forgot to mention that i have quited porn because i was thinking that the gay sex fantasies had begun by watching porn,i havent seen porn in like 2 weeks now.I tried mastrubating to a straight fantasy i did cum but it wasnt that pleasant its like a song Youve heard a milliion times and it no longer makes u happy.Yesterday gay fantasy popped up again and it many an erection i didnt masturbate over it tho because i knew i would have guilts about it but i still have thats why im making this threat.Gay fantasies seem more enjoyable ONLY when i masturbate over it*IM REPEATING THAT IM STR8 AND ONLY 15* .But the problem here is WHY WOULD i find these fantasies pleasurable even tho i wouldnt act upon them in real life what is happening to me?will they go way?or should i keep masturbating of them to get bored of them?Please i need help im so confused.One more think sorry:/ i do find friends or strangers of the same sex as me good looking or handsome but i wouldnt wanna have a sexual intercourse with them in any way does this mean im gay or smthing?
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    This is something I've never had any kind of experience dealing with. And as much as it sucks, I'd say a good idea would probably be to talk with a CSAT therapist.
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    You don't need to be worried about your orientation now. You have a lot of time to decide and understand it, so take it easy. You need to do only one thing - stop PMO for a few months (e.g. 90 days). After that a effect of pornography on your fantasies should be mostly eliminated, so you will see things more clearly. You can't understand it now, because your porn consumption changes your natural desires.

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