Guys who identify as straight but have sexual encounter with males

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by DeepSeaDiver, Apr 23, 2019.

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    And then there are males who frowns at this behavior...Opps!..I forgot!...have you ever heard of the term: Bisexual![/QUOTE]

    Nothing wrong with being bisexual. I was pointing out that guys who have sex with other guys but have girlfriends and wives may be acting out another portion of addiction.
    This isn’t to say that men who have sex with men also have issues with porn. It’s okay to be bisexual; it’s not okay to carry out sexual encounters with men while you say you are faithful to your wife or girlfriend.
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  2. Thanks for the great answers my friend appreciate that
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    7. Macho bonding. No domination or submission, just mutual appreciation of each others' masculinity. The homoeroticism of warriors.
  4. It is not, and that’s what my porn addiction has driven me to, where just watching porn isn’t enough, now I want to talk to someone and phone sex, oh no women are interested, guys? that not enough I want to meet someone who wants to watch porn with me and let’s get off together “I’ll touch yours you touch mine?...want to do this? Want to do that?...” I wouldn’t say I am bi because I don’t find guys sexy or attractive and while I wish my body was more like some guys my natural instinct isn’t to do anything sexual with a guy.
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    Thank you for this thread. I appreciate it. It is a mystery to me why I do things with guys.
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    I think you have explained perfectly why guys who are straight could have a sexual encounter with another guy. As you get sucked into this addiction, the stakes go higher and higher as to what it takes to get off and be satisfied. Not all guys go this route with porn addiction, but it makes sense how some follow this path.

    Unfortunately, there is an eager segment of gay men willing to meet men who identify as this for whatever they are looking for. So for guys who struggle with meeting men, it can be a hard habit to break since there is opportunity.
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    I have never had sex with a man but after years of watching porn such feeling of getting attracted to same sex also have such thoughts going through my mind which make me feel disgraced over myself so much is wrong with me even when I have never watched gay porn and only watch straight porn something is definitely wrong with my sexuality and behaviour
  8. In the city where I live there is a helpline and helpdesk which is no longer called gay or so but Men having sex with men.
    Because not all men who have sex with men would say they're gay, or want to be called such. In the end of the day what you call it is secondary. As long as homosexuality is still perceived as a fault then it only adds to the anxiety of the main reason most of us are here which is compulsive or addictive behavior. There is a cure for that. Not for homosexuality. Cause that need not to be cured. That in itself is joyful, gay and very healthy.
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    I don’t like labels either, and think that think that men who have sex with men is a better descriptor than gay, bisexual, or something in reference to part time.
    Where this is unhealthy is men who have ongoing heterosexual relationships where the woman assumes that it’s monogamous. Anything that’s secret can bring shame. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with guys who enjoy sex with both genders, doing it behind your primary partners back is not healthy.
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    I think this is a very complicated issue that depends on the person. I am going through a severe confusion trying to get the root of my homosexual behavior. It did progress with my porn/sex/drug addiction but I'm at a point where I question whether I am or not. I think I am attracted to fit bodies, in a way that is super shallow and has been corrupted by porn to accept the other gender in that shallowness. In addition to all of the psychological issues that have resulted from my addiction, this physical shallowness has basically made me even lonelier and I think worse off I have been off porn for up to a couple of months at a time (only currently at day 2 - first time on nofap) and I had fantasies about 1/5 times about sex with transgenders or men. The outside self that presented to other people swung way more conservative, while at the same time my fantasies still had a bit of gayness. This time around I'm really going to search within myself, and regardless of the outcome, still learn to love myself and accept the sexuality that I feel is inherent within me. I have spent a lot of time researching the issue of men to men relations in ancient society and there is a huge, often unspoken narrative that has accompanied this issue throughout history and to deny it within ourselves is kind of denying a part of what seems to be a male hypersexuality that leads to an excess of male-to-male sex that is often unemotional and purely sexual.

  11. good point!
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    U need to stop watching porn dis Is what it does and on drugs nothn is satisfying that it is the reason your mind is not satisfied with the natural needs of your body like having normal sex with your wife or gf and is searching new ways to satisfy your sexuAL desires
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    I've done it also, but a long time ago... like 7 years ago or something. I had this time where I had RL sex with several men during a period of months. Then I stopped doing that and never done it since. Since then I would fantasise doing it occasionally, including talking to men online about doing it but "thankfully"? never went through it. These desires started to go away over the times with my ongoing success on NoFap but I know that I am not cured yet, I can still fall for this again and therefore I must be careful and keep NoFap strong. It is really awful what porn and internet in general can do to a Man.

    It means you spend too much time on the internet.
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    I agree with that statement. Unfortunately the porn has ruined shit so much that I havent even kissed a girl in years. Its really sad. Shit didn't start getting really bad until I started watching that s*** h*** no shit. Don't touch it. Also, don't do drugs. I made it 3 days my first streak on NoFap, starting again now.
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    I once received a BJ from a guy. It was exciting because it was different but more like jerking off. I realized I was not attracted to men, I just had to get to the next level of stimulation because porn had numbed me to normal masterbation. I was ashamed of this for a long time but now I realize I was just experimenting to find out what I liked. Many people say they don’t like something without trying it, but past experiences don’t define who you are they just help guide you.
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    it's like that, pornography has made us so dissatisfied, that we want to go for more, and we have reached the limits of what we would normally not do.
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    My Journal
    I think it is related to the exessive fantasies that the addict's brain achieves. Let's take normal porn as an example; An addict will start getting into vanilla porn; then he will get into other fantasies supporting his vanilla; then fetishes; then more and more fantasies supporting fetishes; until someone's dopamin is not fulfilled by a female gender, so he becomes to think about gay stuff although he is not gay.
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    I have fantasies where i get penetrated by a guy.
    I had sex with 6 different guys from grindr in a period of 5 months. After every time i felt disgusted and deleted grindr account and app.
    And out of nowhere craved a cock in me again.
    Its all caused because i couldnt get as good erections to females than to male and started to think i was gay (2years)
    And the sex was totally faceless. I just wanted penis.

    Now im 45 days hardmode. I know im straight.
    Trying to get rid of this mental illness.
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  19. Great! 45 days hardmode. Congratulaions. What mental illness exactly are you trying to get rid of?

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